Worlds Largest Body Parts

World’s Longest Tongue – Stephen Taylor

World’s Largest Mouth – Francisco Domingo Joaquim

worlds largest mouth francisco domingo joaquim

World’s Longest Nose – Mehmet Ozyurek

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World’s Biggest Eyes – Kim Goodman

World’s Longest Ears

World’s Longest Eyebrow – Leonard Traenkenschuh

worlds longest eyebrow leonard traenkenschuh

World’s Longest Moustache – Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar

worlds longest moustache badamsinh juwansinh gurjar

World’s Longest Beard – Sarwan Singh

World’s Longest Ear Hair – Radhakant Bajpai

worlds longest ear hair radhakant bajpai

World’s Longest Hair – Chenq Shiquin

World’s Biggest Head – Andre The Giant

worlds biggest head andre giant

World’s Longest Neck – Padaung Women

worlds longest neck padaung women

World’s Biggest Biceps – Greg Valentino

World’s Biggest Hand Palms – Leonid Ivanovych Stadnyk

worlds biggest hand palms leonid ivanovych stadnyk

World’s Longest Fingernails – Lee Redmond

World’s Biggest Breasts – Sheyla Hershey (I think I’ve seen bigger)

worlds biggest breasts sheyla hershey

World’s Longest Penis – Jonah Falcon (I think I have bigger)

worlds longest penis jonah falcon

World’s Longest Legs – Svetlana Pankratova