World Cup Discussion

Opening day starts with two draws.

June 11
Republic of South Africa vs Mexico
Draw 1-1

France vs Uraguay
Draw 0-0

June 12
South Korea vs Greece
SK 2-0

June 13
USA vs England
Draw 1-1

June 14th
Ghana vs Algeria
1-0 Ghana

Germany vs Australia
4-0 Germany
Who are we cheering for?

Let's go Italy!

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    Italy all the way!!

    If that doesn't work I say France.

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    South Korea just crushed Greece 2-0

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    England 1 - 1 USA

    Dissapointing England, yet again. I blame Green 101% haha.

    Also Nigeria 0 - 1 Argentina, Nigeria gave them a really tough time, so I reckon they'll be able to beat Korea and Greece, then qualify along side of Argentina

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    It was a disappointing game all around. Both teams should have played much better.

    The Algerians seemed to have a hard time keeping the ball in bounds today. It was bad

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