Words you live by?

Everyone usually has some sort of saying/creed/traits they live there lives by and I wanna know what some people here have to say about it.

For me I have quite a few. Personally the one that guide me the most are the Army Values I had drilled into me at Basic Training. I now a days try to live by the Soldier’s Creed and the Army Values and my parents have seen a large change in me over the past year as I am more confident and more prone to do the right thing.

And a life quote I’ve been going by for a long time now is: “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.”

I usually just try to enjoy what I have and work hard for what I want. I read the book “The Richest Man in Town” by V.J. Smith for a Psychology class recently and that book is what inspired me to make this post. If you havn’t read the book I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t as it is a very empowering read.

In the story the main character Marty lived his life by 3 little lessons and they are what he lived by and what kept him happy even though he didn’t have much. His life lessons were:
– Relationships matter most in life
– Try to do a little more
– Only you can make you happy

So I wanna know what words or values you live by fellow Sharenators?