Women Rights

There was a girl who got exasperated at my GF calling her a whore:

oi y the fuck r u bare callin me and my mates whores for goin to that party…you dont even know us so who u callin a whore?!?

This was my reply (Btw she was arguing about being called a whore but not being called “Gash” I also wrote it as if I was my GF):

In reply to your poorly worded, scripted and spelt exclamation of your anguish to be called a “whore”. If you hadn’t realised the intended point of the insult was one of a joke in which we were arguing to not be referred to as “gash”.
As you may and seem to sub-serve to the label of “gash” I would like to say that me calling you a whore even in a serious sense is rather high regard.
Known as you wish to be for a single organ of your body for which would have been your only proper use in one hundred years past, you are less than the scum which I wipe off my boots. The very justification for this comes from the point in hand that women for the past century have been trying and dying to escape the almost slavery-like conditions with which they were subjected to by their male counterparts.
Think for a minute of Emily Davison, who threw herself in front of the then King’s horse just for the sake of recognition for the Suffragette movement to attain the vote for women. Think of the tireless work done by the women in the World Wars as they replaced their husbands in factories and on farms to make the clothes, weapons and food needed to win the two efforts.
If you wish to throw away a century’s worth of work in a single generation then continue and just know that you are not worthy of being human, you make me sick to be of my age and gender.
Think now of the millions of Islamic women who are second class citizens. These women’s word in court is worth half of those of their male counterparts. The men can have many marriages, how would you feel to be married to someone who just doesn’t give a flying Fuck about your well-being and who treats you as a slave, who won’t be in the same room with you other than to copulate. Do you want that life? Then damn well continue to call yourself Gash, but if you have any self-respect, I’d suggest that you pick yourself of the floor of society and be what a woman should be: Free. For no girl who wishes to spend their life on Alcohol, Drugs and Benefits deserves to live.

This is her reply:

right to be honest i didnt really understand anything you jus said but all im sayin is we aint whores and i dont see why ur just saying that for no reason

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