Within 3 minutes, I have created art

Never have I felt better
Everyday a fresh one
Very ecstatic about what lies ahead
Ever more do I feel better about the next
Relaxing more then ever

Going to the beach enjoying life
Outside bathing in the sun
Not once should I complain
Now that life is at it’s best
Attacking it head on

Giving into life’s small problems; unacceptable
Inviting others into your heart
Veering away from my goal; impossible
Enticing others as I go

You as well should live life to it’s fullest
Out there is where your happiest of moments await
Unable to yield is the best way to live

Up further you go into ecstasy
Persistence at it’s best

imagescat88h8s - within 3 minutes, i have created art

dfsdfsdf - within 3 minutes, i have created art