Wild Rollercoaster Sculpture in Germany

In Duisburg, Germany, two artists put their heads together to come up with this interesting design for a public installation. Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth are known to German audience for their inventive installations such as the Theoretical Parquet, and they didn’t disappoint this time either. Tiger & Turtle – The Magic Mountain, which is the full name of the project, is a walkable sculpture constructed on Heinrich Hildebrand Höhe hill and open to public since this November. It goes up to 45 feet above the ground, but the top part of the sculpture gets too steep to be accessible, although you can freely walk on the other parts and explore the roller coaster. This represents the symbolic of expectations and disappointment on the roller coaster of life, having to face challenges that sometimes we can't overcome.

The whole installation was made out of zinc plated steel and has thousands of LED lights that light up at night, so it's accessible to visitors in the night time too, and makes a beautiful sight shining in the dark from the top of the hill. It took nearly 2 million euros from the city budget to get the project finished, but it was surely worth it. Now Duisburg has a new sightseeing spot to offer to tourists, instead of the ugly zinc production site that once was there. So, if you ever end up near Duisburg, pay it a visit and go for a walk on this amazing roller coaster!

wild roller coaster 11

wild roller coaster 8

wild roller coaster 4

wild roller coaster 3

wild roller coaster 2

wild roller coaster 7

wild roller coaster 1

wild roller coaster 10

wild roller coaster 9

wild roller coaster 5

  • Linas
  • December 15, 2011, 5:37 pm
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    thats pretty cool though i would want to try and get al the way around the loop

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    It kinda looks like a 3D scribble.

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