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whynottobuyamac - why not to buy a mac

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    Too late, Buddy. lol and you know what? I love my mac :P

    Ha fuck that I would buy a pc and put the OS on a pc.
    - buddyfoeva October 22, 2010, 10:15 am
    you cant do that, for some reason. you can put windows on a mac but not vice versa
    - tbart2010 October 22, 2010, 10:21 am
    hackintosh lol
    - buddyfoeva October 22, 2010, 10:26 am
    Yea you can put mac on windows. I know a person who did this. Not that I would do this though... waste of a good pc.
    - btw32 October 22, 2010, 12:35 pm
    huh, maybe I got my info. wrong
    - tbart2010 October 22, 2010, 1:14 pm
    There's no official way to do it, but there are some marginally reputable third parties that will sell you software/ give it to you.

    Running Microsoft on a Mac, however, is free and fully supported by Apple.
    - Logos385 October 22, 2010, 6:41 pm
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    Basically, a Mac is just a PC with a different Operating System.

    If you had any brains at all, but still wanted a Mac OS, you would buy an HP for $500, pay $170 for Snow Leopard, and then install it yourself. You just saved $3000.

    $900 for a 24" Mac monitor. I will pay $230 and get a better resolution and refresh rate from Fry's.

    • Albane
    • October 22, 2010, 9:57 am
    Exactly it's retarded
    - buddyfoeva October 22, 2010, 10:17 am
    You're still missing a point here, the most ready-to-go PC's are just cheap-as-possible crap, the hardware doesn't match well and so on.

    I would like to know how old this "documentation" is. The maths are sometimes off, if you go for the "best" hardware it's often double the price of a little bit weaker one... Still, apple overprieces this, but not that much as it's described in the picture.

    You should not forget, if you want to use more hardware, you have to get another parts to make it work! Like another Motherboard and so on. Especially on the Graphic cards, it's an GT120 so it has to be a little older → mainboards with support 4x Graphic cards efficently weren't cheap at all. Also 400mhz on 2x Quad's is wrong, it's 2x4x400mhz => 3200mhz boost (but you actually can't calculate it like that, since you can't always split the use on all cores evenly, so stronger cores give more performance [still, no one needs 2x4x3ghz]), also the same argument as on the graphic cards (best of best => "doubled price").
    Of course you also can't compare MS Office 2007 with the Mac 2008 version, not because the features, but the different market (how many MS versions are sold and how much Mac version? Try to guess... You can't just use the MS Version on a mac)

    Don't get me wrong, i hate Macs, but for other reason than overpricing (i just don't buy them, lol).
    - Grevas October 22, 2010, 12:11 pm
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    for the sam eprice of a mac you can get alien ware....epic gaming lolz

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    Macs pay for the difference (which is greatly exaggerated here) purely in resale value. After a PC craps out after 3 years, no one is gonna buy it. After a Mac gets slow in about 5-6, you can restore it and sell it for a good damn sum.

    This is, in my experience, true for laptops. I have no idea the resale value of Desktops.

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    Why there is nothing wrong with Macs:
    Mac OS X is a brilliant system. It's honestly the quickest and easiest to use system i have ever used.
    The systems I have used are:
    Windows XP Home Edition SP2
    Windows Vista Home Basic
    WIndows Vista Home Premium
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
    Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
    Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)
    (All Ubuntu's on their respective version's version of GNOME)
    Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

    As you can see, I have used windows for most of my computing life (which hasn't been that long. My first computer was Christmas 2004).
    My first computer started as:
    Intel Celeron D 3.96 GHz - (3.96GHz sounds blazingly quick but it was amazingly slow)
    256MB DDR RAM
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    64x CD Reader
    (Crappy onboard graphics with 64MB shared memory)
    Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    By the end of its use (which was February 18th 2010) it has been upgraded to:
    Intel Pentium 4, 2.5~GHz - Much faster than the old one. (I couldn't fit a Dual Core because the motherboard was so old!)
    1GB+256MB DDR RAM
    320GB SATA Drive (with the IDE used for extra storage).
    16x DVD RW Drive
    +nVidia 5200 (128MB Dedicated RAM)
    +New Sound Card
    +4xUSB (PCI Card)
    +Windows 7 Home Premium (dual boot)
    +Ubuntu 10.10 (dual boot)

    The onboard fan controller broke, so that now runs directly from power at full speed.
    I hated using windows all the way up to Windows 7, which I found amazing and quick on my old computer (even with Aero running). Then, I discovered Ubuntu.

    Linux was by far THE FASTEST system I EVER used. It was faster than that computer had ever been, and it was faster than most of my friend's new laptops! Even on this LOW SPEC computer, it was blazingly quick!

    The UI was fairly easy, although different. There were annoying compatibility issues such as having to find alternatives, but WINE sorted most of the Windows programs for me. At least I could play WoW :)

    Then, February 18th 2010, my birthday. I got my second computer.

    My Second Computer:

    MacBook Pro 13" (July 2009 Model).
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz
    2GB DDR3 RAM
    160GB Hard Drive
    8x "SuperDrive"
    nVidia 9400m (256mb Shared Memory)
    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    I have since replaced the hard drive for a 500GB hard drive.
    I have added Windows 7 Home Premium and Ubuntu 10.10.

    Honestly, I did spend a lot on the MacBook. But for me, it has been worth it.

    Its so fast, not always, but mostly. Its simple, to get around and simple to fix any problems.
    Things like, all programs must be laid out and work in the same way, so its normally simple enough to fix a problem with any app. All Caches and preferences are stored in the same place, (User/Library/Application Support/ApplicationNameHere).

    Even though I have windows 7, I don't have compatibility issues and very rarely use Windows at home.
    I either use alternative apps or I use WINE (as i mentioned above with Linux). Wine uses a ported set of the Win32 APIs etc to allow you to natively run Windows Binaries. That means they run as if they were a Mac App, but at full speed with NO EMULATION. It doesn't work perfectly, but it does the job.

    There are even the stupid little things that make all the difference:
    The large trackpad with multitouch gestures (which work much better than the copied gestures that laptop companies are using now) such as two-finger scrolling, clicking anywhere, right clicking by clicking using two fingers. Pinch and Zoom, Rotation, Navigating the Web (three finger swipe left/right goes back/forward in a browser), and even showing the desktop or showing all windows at once.

    The lid, which closes magnetically, and that you can actually open with one finger without the rest of the laptop coming along too. (Try it, close your laptop and attempt to open it using one finger only).

    The Magnetic Charger which pulls straight out if anything snags or trips on it. It also makes it quicker and easier to plug in.

    The backlit keyboard (derp)

    The Apple earphones with a remote work with them. If you have iPhone earphones, then you can use the buttons on the wire to increase/decrease volume, play/pause, change track etc, same as iPhone/iPod. The Mic even works at the same time!

    Most symbols are mapped to the keyboard by holding alt+typing or alt+shift and typing. Note that the accented characters are typed by pressing the key shortcut and then the letter to be accented. So pressing alt+e shows a highlighted accent, and then you press a to get the accented a. So alt+e and then letter gives: áéíóú alt+u is ü etc etc. Even down to things like the Micro symbol (alt+m), so you can write µTorrent correctly (without using a U).

    Now, the part you have been waiting for...
    Why Mac's cost so much!
    Think about last time you went to a shop.
    You have the branded clothing, and the cheap "shops own brand" clothing.

    Why do they charge more for the brands?

    Because they can.
    People want branded items! You buy Nike or Adiddas trainers, not crappy "SportPro" or whatever crap they write on the side.


    Because it's a BRAND!

    Branded stuff tends to last longer and work better, because Nike spend money researching better shapes and better materials to make you run faster or whatever.

    Sony electronics cost a LOT more than other competitors. Why? Because SONY is well known and make good electronics. Sony are another company renowned for overcharging (maybe because apple and sony work together?)

    Apple are EXACTLY the same. They charge more because of exclusivity and the fact that Apple is a fashionable brand, but at the same time, they think about little things that make your life easier and quicker.

    So yes, Apple stuff is WAY more expensive than it should be, but there is a reason which compared to every other branded item, they aren't doing anything different.

    The NUMBER ONE TIP when buying an Apple Product:
    Buy the ABSOLUTE BASELINE MODEL, and then purchase the upgrades yourself.
    As pointed above, Apple OVERCHARGE YOU for upgrades. It is much cheaper to get the lowest amount of ram, going to Crucial or Kingston, buying the max amount and replacing yourself. Same with processor and Hard Drive, and any other user replaceable parts. (In Laptops, only HardDrive and RAM are user replaceable and as long as you don't touch the other parts, you are within warranty to replace RAM and Hard Disk (not the battery though).

    The OS is very decent i prefer using windows mostly because of the major im going into. I would never buy directly from apple. I would use hackintosh if i wanted the OS I might do that soon. I just find that my Toshiba is a beast for the price and faster then most computers ive been on. easy to fix things on. I would run a dual boot with hackintosh before i buy a apple laptop though good OS but they overcharge for hardware that isnt even top of the line
    - buddyfoeva March 13, 2011, 4:06 pm
    but i would personally avoid hackintosh.

    When Apple say the system is designed to run on their computers, they mean it.

    Sure, they run on Intel now, but if apple jump back to using their own processor (eg putting an A4 or A5 inside it) then you are screwed.

    Apple make sure that their system runs smoothly on the minimum spec and the minimum spec computer runs the system smoothly.

    Thats why the baseline models cost so much. Apple make sure that 2.26GHz and 4GB of ram is enough to run 10.6 Snow Leopard properly, rather than a cheap netbook just scraping along with Windows 7 Starter Edition.
    - SkinnyBill March 14, 2011, 8:12 am
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    i agree the cost is outrageous but the os works far better than anything except 7 which is still slightly worse as far as capabilities.

    • bmayes
    • March 13, 2011, 12:26 pm
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    my home computer is a top notch gaming computer worth about $1500 its 10X better than a mac and I have a 38" monitor that I payed $450 for so for $1950 I get something that is cheaper and better for a mac lol.

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    I bought my mac used and then upgraded its ram. So it was cheap as shit and still rolls over the chart. TROLOLOLOLOLO

    • Jozzoh
    • March 13, 2011, 1:18 pm
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    umm.. basically it says pay less money buy a pc and install the OS on it you want
    - buddyfoeva October 22, 2010, 10:16 am
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