Today at school before the morning bell rang, I walked into the bathroom to send a text. I put my stuff down and a kid that I have never once met before walks in and shoves me aside. This is the conversation we had:

him: you wanna get the f*ck out of my way?

me: what the hell is your problem?

him: f*ck you!(he pushes me again)

him: you want me to kick your ass?

me: f*ck off!(I walk out)

As I walked out confused and pissed off, I wondered, "why?". Now I ask you my friends, why are people like that?

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    Because he has a very tiny dick. It's not even funny how small it is it's just scientifically fascinating

    oh yeah, microdick sindrome
    - bioshock123 March 23, 2011, 3:57 pm
    - xxkisamexx March 24, 2011, 6:29 pm
    that was funny when brian said it from family guy
    - awesomeeeee March 25, 2011, 5:16 am
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    u forgot ur stuff in the bathroom

    no,I picked it up when I walked out
    - bioshock123 March 23, 2011, 3:35 pm
    u shud have said oh shit! the lulz we could have had :P
    - GinjaNinja March 23, 2011, 3:38 pm
    good lol
    - alucard March 23, 2011, 4:41 pm
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    He is what we call an asshole.

    • ember
    • March 23, 2011, 2:53 pm
    holy crap! ember finnaly appears!
    - PwnzElite March 23, 2011, 3:04 pm
    Dude she's been here forev's
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 3:06 pm
    You're just now seeing her?
    - XxDaminalsxX March 23, 2011, 3:06 pm
    yea, i havn't seen her comment or post in a WHILE lol
    - PwnzElite March 23, 2011, 3:08 pm
    You sound like such a Velma Dinkley "My glasses I can't see without my glasses" well get some contacts you dumb bitch
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 3:10 pm
    wait, am i the dumb bitch or velma?
    - PwnzElite March 23, 2011, 3:13 pm
    Velma is the dumb bitch. But you need to put yo glasses on
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 3:14 pm
    your comment made me laugh my ass off, just imagining velma saying it
    - PwnzElite March 23, 2011, 3:15 pm
    and it is hard to put on your glasses without interwebz for 2 months
    - PwnzElite March 23, 2011, 3:15 pm
    A wild Ember appears!
    - Ertrov March 23, 2011, 3:40 pm
    quick catch it...shit no master balls...uhmm, great ball...nope...*sigh*kill it for exp
    - PwnzElite March 23, 2011, 3:42 pm
    mudkip use water gun!
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 4:54 pm
    Wild Ember used blaze kick!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 5:23 pm
    Critical hit!
    The wild Ember used sing!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 5:24 pm
    what was that for? that hurt
    - PwnzElite March 24, 2011, 5:26 pm
    Wild Ember used ember!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 5:32 pm
    wild pwnzelite uses Pwn... game over!
    - PwnzElite March 24, 2011, 5:38 pm
    mudkip fell asleep! mudkip you did enoth. go ralts
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 5:42 pm
    The wild Ember used crunch!
    It's super effective!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 5:46 pm
    Wild Ember used I Do What I Want!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 5:48 pm
    pwnzelite used masterball
    - PwnzElite March 24, 2011, 5:49 pm
    FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- I'm claustrophobic, can I ride on your shoulder?
    - ember March 24, 2011, 5:56 pm
    *beep beep* ralts ate oran berry! ralts use confustion!
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 5:59 pm
    The wild Ember is confused!
    The wild Ember used divide by zero!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 6:01 pm
    shit! go snorlax! snorlaz plucked up hole! ralts was sent to another dimintion! bitch you killed my ralts! throws master ball go catch it
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 6:06 pm
    The wild Ember used run away!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 6:10 pm
    hell no! go groudon use eath quake an block wild embers path!
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 6:16 pm
    The wild Ember used fly!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 6:19 pm
    fuck! taillow use fly and chase after her. used hm (whatever) and taillow learned thunder bolt! use thunder bolt
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 6:27 pm
    The wild Ember dodged the attack!
    The wild Ember used dig!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 6:33 pm
    taillow fly into the hole!
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 7:01 pm
    The wild Ember used earthquake!
    - ember March 24, 2011, 7:06 pm
    hell yeah you can!
    - PwnzElite March 24, 2011, 7:14 pm
    shit! gets barierd under ruble.grounddon pulls me out of the ground go blank pokemon. use plant destroyer
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 7:44 pm
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    lol asshole that usually picks on me withdrew from the school.. He had such AMAZING insults like "Faggot" and..oh wait thats right,his inbred hick mind couldnt process that only saying faggot would make him seem more like a douche and less like he can comprehend that he was brought into this world only because of a cruel twisted fate where his parents knew no words closely related to "condom" or "abortion"...sorry...im not in all that good of a mood today.

    • 720Z
    • March 23, 2011, 5:07 pm
    i dont get the gif but it made me laugh
    - castlewarsisawsome March 23, 2011, 5:25 pm
    Lol I posted it because I didn't know what it was
    - 720Z March 24, 2011, 4:22 pm
    well that makes more sence
    - castlewarsisawsome March 24, 2011, 4:32 pm
    Actually look close, he pushes a laptop away and the rest of the gif he is RAGING!!!
    - chaosmaster March 25, 2011, 5:08 am
    well i know that but i dont get what the hell he is
    - castlewarsisawsome March 25, 2011, 3:01 pm
    Badass online user in real-life
    - chaosmaster March 28, 2011, 7:26 am
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    If he does it again, give him this treatment...

    I never had these issues, despite the fact i was a nerd in school. Then again, I'm 6' 7" tall...
    - FireRoastedFire March 24, 2011, 12:23 pm
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    Gather Round children it's time for another one of Papereeno's stories. You see my child, earlier that day Jessica (you're very confused assailant) had a bit of conundrum. This whole year and half of last year Jessica was puzzled about his feelings. His uncle visited last year. Uncle Tom brought many gifts during his visits, as you know, and Jessica was really looking forward to getting something new from Uncle Tom. What he didn't know was that Uncle Tom's wife, Pedro, had cheated on Uncle Tom and left him for some 13 year old Mexican. So Uncle Tom was feeling a little down this day and he wasn't exactly in the mood to be cheery. When Uncle Tom came over to Jessica's place, he bore no gifts. Jessica was confused and confronted Uncle Tom on it. Uncle Tom was in no mood to bargain as he had some drinks earlier that day. He grabbed Jessica and pushed him against the wall. Although Jessica had resisted and screamed like a pig on gravy at the Bar B Q being grilled alive, Jessica secretely craved this sort of, call it *tough Love*, from his uncle. After they were done, Uncle Tom realized what he had done and he left. Jessica was then forced to re-evaluate everything that had happened. He had a girlfriend and he was debating on whether to tell her or not. He ended up telling her and she dumped him while lowering his self-esteem. She told everyone at his old school what had happened and they all sang the 'Uncle Fucker' song from south park whenever they'd see him. SOmetime... the teachers would do it too. WHile playing football, his team captain told him that if it helps, he can imagine that the players he's tackling are his uncle. He couldn't handle it anymore. So he went into prostitution. One day when he was coming back from sucking chocolate daddy's dick (that was his pimps name), the cops had pulled him over. They told his parents and they were devastated. He slept in jail that night. The next morning his father showed up to jail crying. His mother had ended her life because of what he'd done. But he entered rehab to help his father. He identified Chocolate Daddy for the police and 35 women were saved from his fiendish prostitution service. He got a job and started supporting his dad. And earlier that day in the present, while walking to school, he saw his uncle driving by him. It brought back feelings and he ran into an alley where he sucked a man's cock for $1.25. He used that money to buy some gum but his friends had all asked him for a piece and he ended up giving all his gum away. One of his old teachers had transfered to you're school and brought up the *uncle fucker* thing. It was happening all over again. As he walked through the hallway in shame and rage he smacked into you and tried to take it out on you. But then when you walked away like a boss he broke down in the hallway and just cried. So that's why little Jessica was a bitch today. Either that or he was PMSing.

    hahaha!, little bastard probly was doing hid uncle
    - bioshock123 March 28, 2011, 11:51 am
    I like that you downrated me for it
    - papereeno March 28, 2011, 6:32 pm
    i didnt read it but it looks like it would take a while to type so kudos
    - kermit6427 March 28, 2011, 7:00 pm
    what do you mean?
    - bioshock123 March 29, 2011, 7:41 am
    Somebody downrated me for it. just thought it was you
    - papereeno March 29, 2011, 2:57 pm
    no that wasn't me, I really likes the story
    - bioshock123 March 30, 2011, 10:54 am
    Aight ty
    - papereeno March 30, 2011, 1:33 pm
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    the depends.
    some people think they are badass
    some think they are "alpha-males"
    some are truly depressed and always angry

    he was probably just a dick

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    dude i would have punched him in the face

    Haha you sound like such an Italian

    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 2:40 pm
    i dont get how people sound like italians the only thing i like about italy is the food
    - castlewarsisawsome March 23, 2011, 2:48 pm
    You don't get anything do you ???
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 2:53 pm
    oh i didn't wathc the video
    - castlewarsisawsome March 23, 2011, 2:53 pm
    It doesn't matter if you wathced it, but did you at least watch it?
    - Ertrov March 23, 2011, 3:40 pm
    I don't think he wathced it
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 3:53 pm
    I wish I could favorite comments
    - thekitkatkid March 23, 2011, 5:38 pm
    He didn't watch it.
    - FireRoastedFire March 24, 2011, 12:22 pm
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    ...We think you found the twisted offspring of Johnecash and Mr. Paddleboats. We would just ignore them and think you did the right thing in walking away.

    • Dawn
    • March 23, 2011, 4:02 pm
    I've noticed you never have anything nice to say about Johnecash. What's up with that ????
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 4:03 pm
    hahaha thanks. why did you change your picture?
    - bioshock123 March 23, 2011, 4:11 pm
    How many nice things did Johnecash ever have to say about us?...
    - Dawn March 23, 2011, 4:21 pm
    ...We didn't change our picture?
    - Dawn March 23, 2011, 4:21 pm
    He never really had anything nice to say about anyone, but it was funny reading the comments. Also who is Mr. Paddleboats ???
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 4:23 pm
    Mr. Paddleboats is a reference to Justjim, the mega-troll that came before Johnecash did. Justjim was hated by the majority of Sharenator. http://www.sharenator.com/justjim/
    If we remember correctly, that was the biggest post Sharenator has ever seen where everybody could agree on hating one person, and for some obvious reasons.
    - Dawn March 23, 2011, 4:31 pm
    Justjim wasn't a mega-troll that guy i believe was hated for his stupid posts
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 4:33 pm
    ...did you not see the comments he was making in that exact post? We're sorry, but that is a pointless argument we won't even bother to continue.
    - Dawn March 23, 2011, 4:57 pm
    That's not trolling just being annoying :D
    - MalverdeAl100 March 23, 2011, 4:58 pm
    Mentioning someone repeatedly is hardly close to ignorance.
    - thekitkatkid March 23, 2011, 5:44 pm
    you would know, wouldn't you?
    - drakengard85 March 23, 2011, 6:04 pm
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    He probably needed the privacy because he needed the bathroom to cry because he had a bad day or personal issues.

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    Oh shit.... kudos to you for walking out. I'd never have been able to do it. I'm almost certain I would've been arrested if that had been me. But to answer your question, most people are naturally ignorant and below average intelligence. Exhibit A: Jersey Shore viewers.

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    Maybe he had a fight earlier so he was pissed off, and in an offensive mood.

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    i would have kicked his ass right then and there

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    um...can you guy make your words a bit clearer.Hey dawn remember jhonecash,i know someone else who never had anything nice to say,joshFFuller he created dowratted people and made multipul acconts just to get points.

    • isaac1
    • March 30, 2011, 2:21 pm
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