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The creation of London-based designer James Gilpin, the biomedical tipple - named 'Gilpin Family Whisky' - is created using the high-sugar urine produced by elderly diabetes patients, including Gilpin's own grandmother.

Gilpin - who is himself diabetic - filters the urine using the same processes used to purify water, removing the sugars in the process, which are then used in the fermentation stages.

Not surprisingly, Gilpin isn't planning to market the pee whisky commercially - instead, it's more of an art project. But if you really fancy sampling some of the stuff, Gilpin will be showing it off at the 100% Materials design event in London in September - complete with tasting opportunities

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    ewwwwww old people pee but nice idea tho

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    Mind you its a cheap source of booze and the pee is readily available

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    bear grylls meme
    Surprised no one beat me to it...

    I immediately checked the comments for this pic after I read the title of the post.
    - xlivewire7x July 8, 2011, 7:29 pm
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