What to do with my life.

First off,

I'm 16 years young, a junior in high school from Louisiana, and involved in two organization due to above average grades. In addition, I'm enrolled in an Academy that is part of the school that specializes in Information Technology. Basically, I take advanced general studies and in depth computer classes.

Now. I've taken all sorts of tests and papers on my likes and dislikes to determine possible careers but they are honestly of no help. I've researched a variety of careers based off of my interest in them and the average salary which isn't that big of a deal to me. The only option that I've fully thought about seriously pursuing was to work for ESPN. ESPN if you don't know is THE network for all sports programming. Reason being, I love sports. Seems like a perfect fit right?
Here are the cons.

I'd have to move from Louisiana to Connecticut, basically leaving everyone I know behind. Completely new lifestyle. Main reason is that the standard of living in the Northeast is much higher than it is over here which means it'd be very expensive to pursue this career.

That is the only path I've given much thought into.
Here is a quick background of me:
-Love sports. -Dislike yard work, construction, car work.
-Like music. -Dislike isolation.
-Like writing music. -Don't mind stress.
-Like technology. -Don't mind deadlines.
-Like social interaction.-Don't mind "office work."
-Like productivity.

Also, I would like to only go to college for 4-6 years. I DO NOT want to waste any time switching majors which is another reason as to why I'm so urgent about making a decision.

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What do you plan to do with your life? What are you currently doing? Thanks and God bless.

ckeye - what to do with my life.

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    If you were to move away, sometimes its best to get away and start over. Also as for life...wing that shit.

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    You must learn the ways of the Force if you're to come with me to Alderaan.

    • Ertrov
    • December 7, 2011, 11:11 pm
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