Whats your emblem?? (Call Of Duty: Black Ops)

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So I lately been interested in viewing people's emblem and what weird or creative emblem they made.
These are mine from very first one made to current one using
photo0121 - whats your emblem?? (call of duty: black ops)
(shitty LOL)^
photo0118 - whats your emblem?? (call of duty: black ops)
photo0120 - whats your emblem?? (call of duty: black ops)
(epic/awesome face)^
photo0117 - whats your emblem?? (call of duty: black ops)
(hard time making custom P took 5 min:D in total)^
photo0119 - whats your emblem?? (call of duty: black ops)
(currently using- troll face)^

Anyways post your emblem :)

btw.. Im new so sorry if I did something wrong. & also add me- gamerichard212 [PSN]
(good at teambased games and objective game types.)

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    im gettin black ops soon ill let ya know then lol

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    i found a hilarious emblem that i took a picture of. maybe i will upload it later. cba right now

    • TryThat
    • December 14, 2010, 8:24 am
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    Why are you so pissed.

    RE: Good and Bad Black Ops Emblem Picdump +1
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    aw how come this post got a bunch of replies? :,( i made this same kind of topic and only got 1 reply :,( (like 2-3 weeks ago)


    That was your post on MY POST. my post is called Good and Bad Black Ops Emblem Picdump, yours in post your emblem here. they are not similar. why are you posting that on my page. I went out there and found those on my own.

    LOL did i sound piss?

    but seriously i didnt mean to sound piss just sayin.
    - Richardge212 January 7, 2011, 5:56 am
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    I don't have a picture of it but i just made a new one of Browning.
    Pretty much the same except without the word Browning at the bottom. Also for the background of the player card i change it between carbon and wooded.

    browning sig

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    I have officially made the most epic emblem. I have the horseback dude with an AK-47 and the letters MEX at bottom with the color of the Mexican flag. At back of that i have the eagle eating the snake like in the Mexican flag but get this here's the funny and true part instead of the eagle at top of the cactus enjoying it's snack it's at top of of a weed plant lulz. Basically showing that Mexico is full of narco-granjeros and drugs making it badass

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