What is weirder ?

What is weirder , the weird ass fish that looks like it has balls or the fact that the dude hugging it is naked from the waist down ???

bigweirdfish - what is weirder ?

this guy or this girl ?

weird looking girl surely this is not real

the nasty disease infested face of this chick or the fact that I would still hit that ?

weird makeup

This weird ass shaped tree or this guy ?

weird trees 01

Kuato or the fact this woman is not in the kitchen making a samitch ?

weird baby hammock vest totally looks like kuato from total recall

Zipper tongue or what I would make her do with it ?

weird piercing piercings 714079 471 341

These cats or the fact that they are locked up and they are not black ?

nosejail - what is weirder ?

Her hat or the fact that she is STILL a celebrity ?

paris hiltons weird hat

-------- THATS THE END FOLKS --------

1353 - what is weirder ?

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    2.that they r hugging
    3.the fact that u would still hit that
    4.the guy
    5.that bitch is still not making a sammich
    6.wat u would make her do with it O.O
    7.that they r not black
    8.that she is not dead yet from all the STDs
    9.that she is still not in my bed naked with melted chocolate on that ass

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    1. Gayfish
    2. Looks like Dollface
    3. Fucking awesome look, bit nasty
    4. Cool, but nothing special
    5. Weird, reminds me of HellBoy 2
    6. Lame and she got crooked piercings
    7. I want one
    8. She has melted cheese on her head
    9. No comment

    Paris doesn't count, so I can't deside between the Doll and the Tumor.

    • Naugron
    • September 1, 2010, 9:48 am
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    HAHA love it +3

  • 2

    Zipper Tongue FTW +3

    • Pharmon
    • September 1, 2010, 7:08 pm
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