What is a: Blue Moon?

What Is A Blue Moon?


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Well if you haven't already heard a blue moon is rising tomorrow (31st August 2012) But i'm pretty sure most of you wont know what a 'Blue Moon' is so that's what i'm going to be talking about in this post. Enjoy

Q: What is a blue moon? & Does It Really Go Blue?

Well we've all heard of the expression “Once in a blue moon” it's been used for a long time. The meaning of that expression is ‘not very often,’ or ‘very rarely.’
A year can be divided into quarters, or seasons. In most years, each season contains 3 full moons. Just as the lunar cycle causes some months to have 2 full moons, some seasons will have an extra full moon, this extra full moon is the 'Blue Moon!'

Upcoming & Past Dates Of Blue Moons

1999: January & March
2001: October & November
2004: July
2007: May
2009: December
2012: August
2015: July
2018: January & March
2020: October

As you can see the next one is in three years (after today of course)

For More Information:

If you'd like to know more about the science behide the 'Blue Moon' you can watch this video which should answer any questions you may have.

Blue Moon Pictures

What is a Blue Moon 1

What is a Blue Moon 2

And this picture was taken 6 hours ago! Meaning this is what the 2012 blue moon looks like:
Blue Moon 2012

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