What if some films had gone with their original casts?

MoviefoneFuture thumb 310x475 37535

MoviefoneRings thumb 310x475 37533

OriginalCastConstantine thumb 414x612 40142

OriginalCastHancock thumb 330x490 40143

OriginalCastHook thumb 413x612 40141

OriginalCastMatrix thumb 330x455 40146

OriginalCastStarWars thumb 416x612 40140

OriginalCastTerminator thumb 330x480 40149

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    Will Smith in The Matrix would be awesome

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    Interesting. Star Wars would be terrible, Hook would be hilarious

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    Lance Henriksen was originally considered for the role of The Terminator. James Cameron even made early sketches showing The Terminator looking like Henriksen. The original concept was for the character to be able to blend into a crowd. Cameron approached Arnold Schwarzenegger and wanted him to play the role of Kyle Reese, but after their meeting, Schwarzenegger and Cameron both wanted Schwarzenegger to play the title role, so Henriksen was cast in the role of Det. Vukovich.

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    only one i can see being better is the matrix... will smith would of made that more awesome than it was.. as for russel crowe and lord of the rings... dont think they'd have a phone for him to use as a weapon in a fantasy movie

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    Are these real? I can't tell....

    yes they are all new remakes coming out this year
    - dirtymigerty420 April 7, 2011, 9:32 am
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