What do you feel about Welfare?

“‘Welfare or Welfare Work consists of actions or procedures — especially on the part of governments and institutions — striving to promote the basic well-being of individuals in need. These efforts usually strive to improve the financial situation of people in need but may also strive to improve their employment chances and many other aspects of their lives including sometimes their mental health. P In many countries, most such aid is provided by family members, relatives, and the local community and is only theoretically available from government sources.”

My Opinion:

Welfare is necessary in some instances however when people (especially the un-educated kind) decide it’s OK to have another child to get more welfare or to use welfare checks to buy drugs that is where I draw the line. If we are going to have welfare the people on the receiving end better be finding a f’n job, and we should make drug tests mandated for every recipient, because if you have enough money to get and use drugs you don’t need welfare anymore.

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