What Are Your Top 3 TV Shows?

Well I've seen lots of these posts for music and a few for movies, but I have never seen one for tv shows. So come and enlighten me!

Mine are, (in no particular order):

1. Simpsons (old simpsons to be exact, the new episodes suuuuuck)
funny Simpsons then now old new

2. American Dad, I find it's getting increasingly better as family guy has started to go downhill and the cleveland show, well... the cleveland show was never good.
americandad1 - what are your top 3 tv shows?

3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, such a funny show, cant think of any negatives about it
Its always sunny in Philadelphia

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    it's quite hard to narrow it down to three but if i had to, i'd pick (again in no particular order):
    1- Game of Thrones
    game of thrones poster

    2- Red Dwarf
    red dwarf

    3- Mock the Week

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    No 1.

    Chuck! <3

    chuck - what are your top 3 tv shows?

    No 2.

    Scrubs! <3

    pic 1197229096 1 - what are your top 3 tv shows?

    No 3.


    Dexter Music From the Showtime Series

    But also:
    It's always Sunny in Philadelphia
    and Game of Thrones

    • Curuba
    • June 6, 2012, 8:31 am
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    No 1. The Walking Dead
    No 2. Tosh. O
    No 3. Family Guy

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    1) Futurama
    2) Venture Brothers
    3) Game of Thrones

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    1) Deadman's Wonderland (new)
    2) Family Guy
    3) Kekkaishi

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