Werewolf funnies!

funny Twilight werewolf Facebook status update

images 5 - werewolf funnies!

Then Why Dont You Have A Werewolf Costume Dressed On dac4dce54eb633fbb896c168fe05298a large

images 6 - werewolf funnies!

images 7 - werewolf funnies!

images 9 - werewolf funnies!

funny pictures auto 434347

images 8 - werewolf funnies!

images 4 - werewolf funnies!

images 3 - werewolf funnies!

images 2 - werewolf funnies!

images 1 - werewolf funnies!

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    werewolfs are pretty awesome, unless we are talking about twilight werewolfs, in twilight everything is shit

    • Vans
    • February 15, 2013, 4:20 pm
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    That twilight chick didn't even read the harry potter book. Sirius black's a "GRIM" the wolves from twilight are not even werewolves an harry potter was here first. oh yeah and for the record this is why harry potter kicks twilight but "Harmonie granger taught me to be myself and that I could reach any goal if I worked hard. twilight only lies to teens and says your nothing without a dud.
    That's why Rebecca M -_-

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