Well today was... interesting...

I don't normally post rants or blog-ish type posts, but i'm going to explain what happened at the end of my day.

So i'm in school in art class and all of a sudden our art teacher comes into the room and tells us to shut the blinds and close the door with several cop cars driving around the school. Curious we asked what was happening and we didn't get an explanation, all we got told was that there was a situation. So we start making up ideas on whats happening ranging from a shooter to "were being gassed." So this went on for an hour until we had to switch classes. After we got to our next class the same drill shut the blinds and close the doors. Well this teacher had an explanation on what happened. Apparently there was a group of kids from our local high school coming to Beat up a bunch of kids from our school, and they were apparently coming with chains on their fists, knives and brass knuckles.

So yeah that was my day, curious, has this ever happened to any other sharenators were you guys got "Locked down?"

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    That sounds badass an excuse to riot and shit. My school has gotten locked down before but it was cuz there where gang fights and they would pull the fire alarm so everyone could go outside and they could fight. It was a big rumble in my freshman year i remember my brother knocked some tall ass dude out in one smack and then the other guys friends jumped him it was like 3 guys and 4 chicks kicking him on the floor and they didn't even leave a scratch on him lol. Feel sorry for you that you had to go to school though i don't go till next Tuesday

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