Weird-Ass Dreams

I'm gonna start this one off.

I fell asleep for an after-school nap. I ended up with friends at school (fully clothed for once). It was dismissal time, so "naturally" one friend of our very close-knit circle said he'd drive us. Nobody argues, everyone hops into the car (I, along with my friends, am in 8th grade, nobody would ever car-jack). I end up in a secret back compartment of a Jeep Wrangler, totally closed off without a door. When I fall out from no opening, I'm in the Home Depot Industrial Yard (that doesn't exist) with my school bags. Confused, I walk in placing my phone into my backpack while approaching a manager. This manager immediately takes my bags. Realizing his intent, I say, "Whatever, take my stuff. I didn't steal anything but I don't really care." Normally, I would seriously injure this bitch. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he's flipping through the pictures on my iPhone while talking to a group of girls that was never there before now. He comes across a picture before I got a buzz; in fact the picture is with my 8 - inch hair. he shows it to these girls who then crack up, because I'm riding a fucking T-rex. A real one. That's where I wake up with my jaw hurting and my head upside down between a couch armrest and a pillow.

So, what's your weirdest dream?

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    I had a dream once that I was in Battlefield 1942 and on one of the maps where the Americans attack from the water but instead of American soldiers they were telly tubbies and I was on a mounted machine gun mowing them down. :)

    • gemie89
    • November 3, 2010, 5:39 pm
    +1 cause i had a dream i was in battlefield 1943 and i was in a supertank that would never get blown up nd i was gettin road kills but when i hit them they would fly far away lolz nd i had a dream i was in the movie black hawk down nd i got shot =o but i didnt die nd i went nd killed like 5million people an i was on the news it was weird but epic
    - xxkisamexx November 3, 2010, 6:06 pm
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    I have a reoccuring dream of being chased by human/octopus people in my old elementry school. Usually have this dream when I am stressed out.

    • juniper
    • November 3, 2010, 6:45 pm
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    This one was actually from last night at least this is what i can remember. So I'm crawling through a bog i think and there are these four toad/lizards that can talk, for some reason not only do i know that they are kings but also i need to go see a woman. So i go see this woman and she wants these 4 bees and their honey/wax yellow liquid thing. Don't know why she needs them or what they do, so i go to the lizard/kings/frogs to ask about these bees, turns out their demons or witches/warlocks or some such and that there are five of them. So i go and catch them with socks i think (wtf why socks) and put them all in jars. I give the fifth to the frog king thins and they eat it. Whatever i give the other four to the woman and they turn out to be her sisters or whatever and the fifth was her mother. So now the woman turn them back and the lizards/kings change too, they all turn into demons and this was all their plan. Then they ate my ass and my alarm went off.

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    my dream was i was banging these two chicks who ive never met but were like playboy model looking girls. then i stand up with them on either side of me, and im now in Halo. fraggin and shooting it up like nothing out of the ordinary happened. suddenly a frag goes off right next to me, and im driving a corvette down a zombie infested highway. now i start getting suspicious. then my high school crush for 2 years comes up to me while i am now in a shower and starts making out w me. then i get woke up by my mom telling me to clean the kitchen. if you ask me, the dream made no sense but it was the most epic ive had in a LONG time.

    That pretty much sums up one of my dreams during a relationship
    - iGreenDay November 5, 2010, 2:59 pm
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    i had a dream tht me nd some of my friends were walkin down this street in the middle of a canyon nd a airplae is commin gdown toward us nd i magically start runnin on all 4s like a cheetah weird huh then i wke up go bac to sleep nd im in the park with this girl ive never meet or even seen and we had sex right there in the park good dream =)

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    Mine are always something pretty ass weird..
    Like riding an octopus as a mery-go-round with a bunch of deformed children in a smurf looking scene under the sea, and alot of other weird ones..

    • rain42
    • November 4, 2010, 4:34 pm
    *I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octupus'es garden, in the shade*
    - iGreenDay November 5, 2010, 3:00 pm
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    straight from my facebook page of my weird dreams :
    ok new singing hills dream: (singing hills is my job)

    alright, apparently, my grandparents were hiking across like Cornish, so we were trying to make sure they were staying safe, so we had installed some sort of listening device that was stationed in California but for some reason was broadcasting the hikers in Cornish. anyways that was kinda the back-story, now to singing hills; I don't remember everything but I know I was cooking this HUGE ham in one of the ovens, and it was my turn to make sure my grandparents were ok but I couldn't leave the kitchen with this huge ham cooking, so I was trying to get Amanda to go give them a message for me. Although she worked at singing hills and we were currently at singing hills she wouldn't give them the message because she would be late for work. so Eventually we all decided to go find them. Now my dream switches to no longer be at singing hills but now is at my moms house. We locate them on the California hiker GPS thing, and realize they are in my moms backyard below the field and up the hill. So Me, Amanda, Dan D, Jeremy, and some one else but I cant remember who, all decide to go hike out and now the dream switches again, we are no longer looking for my grandparents, we are the ones hiking. so apparently in my dream world my moms house has this amazing field of that tall wheat grass you see in all the gladiator/ old time movies that is like 5 feet tall, so we are hiking through that and we realize that suddenly the grass is now grapple trees... yep grape/apple trees, So we are all eating these Grapples and talking about how it is amazing that they actually exist when we are suddenly back at singing hills, and the grapple/field is now behind the chapel rec room. and we found this old beat up car from the '50's and Don had told us we had to move it into the rec room. So we are all pushing this junky car back into the rec room. then we finally get in in and we are complaining because don told us to put a wrecked up car in the building, then dad says "haha its because it is the rec room....get it wreck-rec??" (amazing how the puns are still stupid in my dreams) then the dream switches again and it is me , Amanda, Sandy G, and two other guys but I don't know them.( i know them in the dream just not in real life) and we are fishing on lake Sunapee from that huge boathouse that had a rec room in the top of it, so we are fishing out the top of the building then I wake up because Will is yelling at the top of his lungs, I thought he was yelling "Babe!" so I thought something was wrong, but apparently he was mad at his dogs for barking and was just yelling "hey!" at them.
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    Ok I don't remember as much of this dream as some of my dreams, anyways,

    We were riding in this big car with my cousins. We were talking about going to her birthday party later, but I realized that I had not made the dessert that I was supposed to bring. Everyone was supposed to bring a dessert that looked like something gross, but it actually would be delicious. I had to rush but I wound up making a cake that looked like it was sushi.

    I am on my way to the party, but I was nervous because I brought along this gun that has a cool army like holster, but it was too big for me to conceal properly, and I didn't have my concealed carry permit with me so I kept trying to hide it better.

    When I go to the party ( which was in the singing hills foyer except the walls were made out of white vinyl) everyone was in fancy dresses and I was just in plain clothes.

    at some point these bad guys come in and I start running, we are in lower family center but it is miles of doors and I have to use the bathroom and escape the bad guys chasing me and all the doors are locked.

    that's all I remember.
    - angelobutter November 3, 2010, 6:24 pm
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