Vocaloid Pics

Miku Hatsune:
79e039f5028ee4ca1d98e20543b25bc77c1 - vocaloid pics

164522 bigthumbnail - vocaloid pics

6727450 - vocaloid pics

blackrockshooter 383951 - vocaloid pics

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Mikuu

hatsune miku swimsuit 1024x768

Hatsune Miku hatsune miku 9093307 1

vocaloid MikuWallpaper2 wall1200

Luka Megurine:
megurine luka004 - vocaloid pics

Megurine Luka 04

Megurine Luka Hairpin 1

Rin and Len Kagamine:

Kagamine Len and Rin

Rin Len Kagamine rin and len kagamine 8154973 966 920

Konachan com 54712 kagamine len kagamine rin vocaloid

Rin Kagamine:

967900rinkagamine - vocaloid pics

20071219kagaminerin - vocaloid pics

Kagamine Rin

Kagamine Rin 2

Kagamine Rin 3

Kagamine Rin 4

kagamine rin 2

Kagamine Rin Ecchi

kagamine rin45110 - vocaloid pics

Kagamine Rin by yo 3

kagamine rin chuu shite star198

kagaminerin - vocaloid pics

kagaminerinn - vocaloid pics

Konachan com 32437 kagamine rin vocaloid

rin kagamine

Shut Up Get Out

tumblr l31ud1ez6h1qat9s9o1 500 - vocaloid pics

tumblr l31ue3r7ox1qat9s9o1 500 - vocaloid pics

zerochan Kagamine Rin 297881

Neru Akita:

neru 3 - vocaloid pics

neru akita love is war by evil maddy d36069h

Multiple Vocaloids:

184 coiffure dormir hatsune miku kagamine len kagamine rin kaito meiko pantsu slice of life

konachan com 45384 hatsune miku kagamine len kagamine rin kaito kamui gakupo megurine luka meiko vocaloid yahako

zerochan Vocaloid 537802

HatsuneMegurine Copy

Megurine Luka 50 Copy

well, thats all everyone, hope you enjoyed ^^

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    I like anime & all but I never looked into these vocaloids

    i would guess you wouldnt because they arnt from an anime, vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program and these characters were maid as voicebanks for it, so people refer to these people as vocaloids, they make a lot of songs like World Is Mine by miku, Just Be Friends by Luka, Don't Mylist Me! by Rin and Servant of Evil by Len, go have a look :)

    EDIT: omg, i just realised i typed "maid" instead of "made" XD
    - Nightfang June 6, 2011, 5:32 am
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    That was a really nice selection. Thanks.

    • CJY101
    • June 5, 2011, 10:40 am
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    D: You need more kaito! And a little more len! Len, Rin and Kaito are my favorite! I don't know if you should call Black Rock Shotter Miku... she is a pretty much a recoloring and differnt clothes version of miku but... Well she has her own anime!

    i havnt seen much of kaito to determine if i like him or not, idk why everyone loves len so much, and rin is awesome thats why i have so many of her :P
    - Nightfang June 6, 2011, 5:30 am
    Rin is awesome! Len has alot of romantic songsso I guess thats why people like him, well at least why i like him. And Kaito He is the Parody King! He is used when ever some one wants to make a funny song (Dark(Sneak)-attack Sniper) or make a funny version of a song, such as: Lord of Darkness(Parady of Dauther of Evil by Ren), Ice! (Spice! by Len), Icecream is melting(Melt by Miku), Daz is cold (Love is War by Miku) He does have serious song though, like Principle for Happiness.
    - RakkyTam June 7, 2011, 11:50 am
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    In these picture I can figure out the creator's fantasies, fetishes, desires, and sexual past. But other than that I might have become a fan of anime lol

  • 1

    Wow... first time advertising worked on teh internet. We got a ad for Vocaloid Cosplay on a page about Vocaloids!

    • Dawn
    • June 5, 2011, 5:29 pm
    seriously? o.o
    - Nightfang June 6, 2011, 5:29 am
    =o it happened twice now!
    - Dawn June 6, 2011, 9:49 am
    - Nightfang June 6, 2011, 10:59 am
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    so beautiful.. so nice...

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  • 1

    is this tecnicly porn?

    • BEASTY
    • June 5, 2011, 10:36 pm
    wouldnt think so.
    - Nightfang June 6, 2011, 5:28 am
    I'm 100% certain Nightfang fapped to it, so it could be conscidered porn.
    - DarkHunter June 6, 2011, 9:41 am
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