Vanishing Girls Optical Illusion

These sort of vintage puzzles were quite popular back in the old days. They originally came sliced in multiple pieces, and could be put together in different ways, where each setup worked. Depending on how you connected the pieces, different amount of people/objects is seen. In the example below, you can end up with 15 or 14 pin-up girls. But Its still unclear for me how (please try to find it out without asking lord Google ;)) .Where did that extra lady come from . share if you have more illusions like this .

vanishinggirls1 - vanishing girls optical illusion

vanishinggirls2 - vanishing girls optical illusion

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    Try to figure it out before you read this!
    so there is two ways of looking at this. firstly the bottom strip can only be part of making the image of 14 girls. the top strips can either be used to make 14 girls or 15 girls depends on how it is placed.the reason for this is those bunny ears in the top strip of the first picture are split to opposite ends and is part of no girl. the second picture's top strip those ears come together to make an image of a girl. But how can there be 15 girls if the bottom strip can only make 14 girls. well the second picture's top strip has a girl who doesn't use the bottom strip to complete her. So below the blue rings are the "bunny ears" and the green ring is the "stand alone" lady. Thats how I see it. Anyone with different ideas?
    untitled - vanishing girls optical illusion

    • 7SG7
    • November 8, 2012, 2:58 am
    Yup, that's the same conclusion I came up with. :)
    - pandakeen November 8, 2012, 6:27 am
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