VP debate memes

6f608a6a75f5d8586fa75e939be22 h316 w628 m4 cmjbblkvu - vp debate memes

37f519565a45d7ce753b511c52e10 h316 w628 m4 cpjpqbgsy - vp debate memes

86ade231468e26ff13aab8c0f6f238 h316 w628 m4 cnnelpswx - vp debate memes

91d2f439b3a2e6c4f87b374012483f h316 w628 m4 cwemagqax - vp debate memes

433f491dbee76d1e10dc56bdb51dc6 h316 w628 m4 coxdclijj - vp debate memes

554f9feec76b5e88eea2e80efb816 h316 w628 m4 ctajebmov - vp debate memes

9418e1b63831a85582dcb5aa6a34 h316 w628 m4 cutbjezua - vp debate memes

d6988ce4f2b2db51e599e44ae1b878 h316 w628 m4 cceqidymy - vp debate memes

f3d69de29d3166301278a667db432 h316 w628 m4 cyztzxjuh - vp debate memes

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    malarkey - vp debate memes

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    well seems like we know what side of the fence the makers of these memes stand.

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    Biden needs a Bitch Please meme face, last one is close.

    • knilore
    • October 15, 2012, 9:05 am
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