US Election Debate

There seems to be a lot of pent up emotion over the upcoming Presidential election on Sharenator, resulting in a lot of posts meant to not be debate posts (I am guilty of this too) becoming debate posts. So, seeing a need for people to present their cases…

Debate away! However, debate with stipulations:

1. Be civil. People say this a lot. But actually be civil here.
2. Use sources. If you dispute or provide a fact, include a source, especially if that fact is disputed. Unsourced facts are meaningless here.
3. Listen to what people have to say. Avoid making the same post over and over again.
4. Do not copy and paste large pieces of text from another website as a replacement for your argument. You may quote and cite, but do not verbatim steal an argument, points, or attempt to overwhelm others with walls of text. Allow others the chance to respond to you and your argument.
5. Do your best to avoid videos, unless used as evidenced. This is along the same line as copying and pasting others’ arguments.
6. Internet memes are not arguments.

I think that’s it. Not being a mod or anything, it will be hard for me to police most of it, but I trust anyone posting will abide by the above rules. Thanks, and let’s dooooooo this thing.

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