Tutorial On GUI Customization Part 2

Ok, so now that you have the tools to recover from my previous tutorial, I'll now give you a few little programs that will give your desktop some dimension. Some are freeware, some are shareware, I prefer freeware since you can use it forever with no charge. This is more of a list of possible programs you can install for use on your system, and less of a tutorial per say. Also moderators note, this is not spam, I am not advertising for these products, I am merely giving people a list of programs they can use to personalize their desktop with.

The first is a program called Yet Another Desktop Manager 3D. or Yod3D.
It has been abandoned after the invent of Windows 7, but it is still useful and it will run on XP, Vista, and 7, just good luck finding it, 95% of all download links are dead. I've found one link that is working as of right now, and I have downloaded it from the host and scanned it with kaspersky, Avast, and MSSE.

The next program is a 3d application that turns your desktop into a 3D environment simulating a physical desktop. I've spent hours just playing with the icon tablets and little extras they have programmed into this thing. Bumptop has been abandoned by "The Bumps" and was originally both shareware and freeware. Though as of May 2010 they were acquired by Google, and they were promptly told to cease and desist. You will be hard pressed to find this program, I couldn't even find it, but if you can, it is a great piece of desktop customization software to use.

The following program is a minimizing software that gives your desktop that high tech feeling. When you minimize the screen you have the option of completely minimizing it to the taskbar, or, if you so desire, have a transparent, 3d replica of the window appear on your desktop in it's place. T3desk is shareware with unlimited use as a free program, but you unlock extra features if you purchase a license.


If you are tired of those pesky icons cluttering up your badass desktop wallpaper, but your taskbar is full of icons already, I have a solution for you, or rather several solutions. Use a Dock. There are 3 great options when choosing a dock, and I recommend all 3, RocketDock, ObjectDock, and NexusDock. All 3 are easy to use, and rather intuitive.


If you have problems keeping up with that calendar on the wall, but don't want to purchase a desk calendar, Rainlendar is the software for you. It displays a calendar on your desktop with all your important dates. You can download multiple skins so those multiple voices in your head will be happy. Just don't listen to them about killing DarkHunter, killing is bad. :P


As of right now, these are all the programs that I can think of that you can install with minor instructions, which are all included in the installer and on the program's website. The more in-depth programs that require quite a bit of help to learn will have to wait for a later date. With that being said, I leave you, and I wish you good luck in personalizing your Desktop.

  • Lambeau
  • September 3, 2011, 11:35 pm
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