'Turducken Ridiculous,' Created By Australian Radio Show Merrick & The Highway Patrol, Combines 20 Animals In 1

One reason its great to live in a first world country.

Ah, Turducken. The Thanksgiving turkey's totally messed-up, evil twin. The creation, consisting of various animals each nested within another, is known more for its total ridiculousness than its flavor profile.

But the standard chicken-inside-a-duck-inside-a-turkey combination wasn't enough to satisfy the likes of an Australian radio show called Merrick & The Highway Patrol, which according to show producer Elle Conwell, "took the concept of a Turducken and put it on steroids."

The end result, dubbed "Turducken Ridiculous," combined the meat of 20 animals into one. Let's forget for a second that Australians don't celebrate Thanksgiving -- could this be a statement about American eating habits, by any chance? -- and focus on the crazy ingredients inside this thing:

original - 'turducken ridiculous,' created by australian radio show merrick & the highway patrol, combines 20 animals in 1


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