Trolling My Ex Wife (First post)

So whats going on is this chick who’s my ex wife and mother of my kid keeps giving me shit calling me a dead beat father and saying horrible things to me like “I wish you would die” and “My boyfriend will replace you as your sons father” Today I got fed up of it and let her know that I had been keeping screenshots of her BS. I let her know if she kept up with her ridiculous behavior I would post the pictures on facebook and tag everyone she knew just so they could see how bad of a POS she was. but instead I’ll post these here where no one knows who I am talking about. I seriously need some input on this one.

She has been unemployed for almost a year and a half, she went to school for some stupid cosmetology stuff. While she was in school I paid for all of my sons day care and her car, along with everything they both needed (after having been divorced for a year already) Over the course of her unemployment I have spent somewhere around 6000-7000 dollars on everything while making 12 dollars an hour at first then with a raise to 14. At points I had to put food and such on credit cards and have earned an incredible amount of debt. She got her tax return this year for 4300 dollars and didn’t spend a penny on our son. She spent her money on clothes for going out and starbucks.

We attempted to work on our relationship sometime around last July and everything went good for a while until she started cheating on me after I had moved an hour and a half further from work to work on our relationship. Also she didnt start with this batshit craziness until after we broke up a week before christmas (Where i paid for everything) Now she is mad cause I refuse to watch our son so that she can go on vacation after having been unemployed for as long as she has. anyways here’s some pics enjoy.

((P.S. This is me straight up being a dick to her being sick of her shit and only bits and pieces of the conversation, it starts off with her asking me for more money when i gave her 300 dollars for her car and 170 dollars for day care and she only put 120$ towards the day care and pocketed the rest))

img 0605 - trolling my ex wife (first post)

img 0606 - trolling my ex wife (first post)

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pic - trolling my ex wife (first post)
lol 433 - trolling my ex wife (first post)