Troll Party in Germany

So Guys...

Now I am gonna prove that even Germans have humor and a lot of genius trolls.

There is this girl called "Thessa". She lives in Hamburg, Germany and turned 16 this weekend. And she wanted to invite "only her closest friends" to celebrate into her Birthday.
She accidentally made the invitation on Facebook public and somehow about 16.000 people signed up to come to her birthday party.

She deleted the invitation but it was too late. People have allready started to announce they would come. They even made T shirts for this occasion:
And they made up a song:

You probably don't understand it but it is a pretty good songtext and I might translate it for you if enough people want me to.

So when the day before her birthday arrived Thessas dad called the police and some security guards to protect the family home where the party was supposed to take place.

In the evening about 1500 people showed up and had a big party in front of her house. At midnight they sang a happy birthday song.
All in all the visitors were peacefull and just a few made real trouble.

Thessa did not show up. Her parents took her some other place because they were affraid some people might hurt her or something like that.

Here are some pictures:

thessasweet - troll party in germany

Thessa Einladung Facebook Sweet 16 image 219

image 221665 galleryV9 vlxh

image 221667 galleryV9 hkbf

image 221668 galleryV9 ndyr

image 221670 galleryV9 fnoo

image 221669 galleryV9 cvjb

  • Curuba
  • June 6, 2011, 10:43 am
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    this bitch i wish i would hve 1500 people how up to my party lolz

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