Triple Point

Okay so I don't know if most of you will even bother reading this, but you should, then check out the video. Just stick with me on this. It might be confusing.
You can represent what pressure and temperature are needed for a certain substance to exist in a certain state. So if you wanted to know how to boil water at 20 degrees Celsius, then you find 20 degrees Celsius on the chart and follow it until you hit the curve that represents boiling.
Substances are technically both states at the same time while changing. So if a pot of water is boiling then the water is in the liquid state and gaseous state. I know this is weird, but I'm getting to the cool part.
So if you look at the curves representing boil/condensate, melt/freeze, and sublimation/deposition (solid to gas and vise versa) they all meet at one point. This point is called the triple point. Can you guess what happens?
Everything! The substance will boil, condensate, melt, freeze, sublime and deposit.

Here's a graph to help.
ss071graph - triple point

And here's the awesome video.

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    is the freezing part at normal speed or no

    • hightec
    • December 23, 2011, 3:46 pm
    Yes. Which is probably the coolest part of this.
    - zooboy338 December 23, 2011, 6:27 pm
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