Tough Guy

**There are pictures to follow this, just please give it a read first**

On the 26th January I will be doing Tough guy, a 15km race with 250 obstacles. It consists of going through mud, barbed wire, fire, freezing waters and more, and so all the support you can offer would be great!

In doing this I will be helping out a good cause, as I will be raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. MS is a terrible disease but they work to treat it and look after those who have it. I am now just trying to help their work, so that they can then help others.

The target that I want to reach is £200 but obviously anything more than that would be good as well!

Thankyou for your support and donations.

Now as promised, on the next couple of pages you can see various pics :D
small white

1 - tough guy

2 - tough guy

3 - tough guy

4 - tough guy

5 - tough guy

6 - tough guy

7 - tough guy

8 - tough guy

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    You must wear an outfit like #3


    i'll do that
    if you dontate £100 and also pay me £100
    - Fail4424 October 22, 2013, 8:16 pm
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    I'd love to, but I'm really not in the economic situation to do so :*(
    Sorry, but good luck :)

    no worries, but thanks anyway! :D
    - Fail4424 October 23, 2013, 12:29 pm
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    Any little will be great help guys!

    I just recieved an annonomous donation of £2 which is fantastic! It all counts towards the overall goal of this, so even the little ammounts will be greatly appreciated!
    And as this person did, you can donate annonomously if you want to :)

    Thank you to the mystery person who donated, and thanks to any of you who might donate at a later date! :)

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    Bump :S

    My friend donated me £5 the other day, and that was brilliant!

    Obviously you don't have to give that much, any amount will be fantastic and very warmly welcomed! :)

    Thanks in advance for any support and donations you can give :)

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