Top albums of 2011(opinion)

1.The Black Dahlia Murders “Ritual”-Their magnum opus(In my opinion) Blending a brutal death metal assault with a slight melodic edge. Ryan Knight Really Grew into the band in this release.
Favorite Tracks-A Shrine to Madness…Every goddamn track on the record.

black dahlia murder ritual

2.Septic Flesh “The Great Mass”-Perfect blend of orchestration and death metal.
Favorite tracks-Oceans of Grey,Apocalypse,The Undead Keep Dreaming,The Vampire From Nazareth.(I showed a member of this bands artwork in an earlier post )

septic flesh great mass

3.Machine Head “Unto the Locust”-Up to par or bests “The Blackening”
Favorite Tracks-I Am Hell(sonata in c#), This is the End,Unto the Locust

unto locust

4.Fleshgod Apocalypse “Agony”-Italian death metal artist’s return with their blend of classically influenced death metal but with a change, a significant increase in the use of symphonic’s which adds real flavor to all the tracks.
Favorite Tracks-The Egoism,The Hipocrisy,The Betrayal

fleshgod - top albums of 2011(opinion)

5.Rotten Sound “Cursed” This is Gindcore, You like it or you don’t.Did a post of these guys earlier also( )

rotten sound cursed

6.Immolation “Providence”-Heavy as fuck EP
Favorite Tracks-Illumination,Swallow the Fear

immoprovidence - top albums of 2011(opinion)

7.Origin “Entity”-Tech Death done right, Being extremely technical and still being able to keep them in cohesive songs.
Favorite Tracks-Expulsion of Fury,Saliga,Banishing Illusion, Consequence of Solution.

origin entity

8.Puscifer “Conditions of My Parole”-Im Maynard James Keenan fanboy,Shit is good.
Favorite Tracks-Green Valley,Telling Ghosts,Toma,The Rapture(Fear is a Mind Killa Mix),Conditions of My Parole.

conditions parole review

9.Rise Against “Endgame”- As Good as pop punk is ever going to get.
Favorite Tracks-Make it Stop(Septembers End),Disparity By Design,Midnight Hands,Broken Mirrors.

220px riseagainstendgame - top albums of 2011(opinion)

10.Decapitated “Carnival is Forever”-They’re back but without vitek and they’re old vocalist.The new vocals are a little hardcore reminiscent but good and the new drummer does vitek’s memory good.
Favorite Tracks-The Knife,Carnival Is Forever,A View From a Hole,Homo Sum,Pest

decapitated carnival forever

Honorable Mentions and Pleasent surprises-
-All Shall Perish “This is The End” Technical deathcore some of the only deathcore ill listen to in fact.
-DevilDriver “Beast”
-Becoming the Archetype “Celestial Completion”-Good,Wish it was more int he vain of their older records though.
-Chevelle “Hats off to the Bull”-Chevelle is as Chevelle does.
-Mastodon “The Hunter”-Prog Metal legends return with a fun record.
-The Human Abstract “Digital Veil” Tech/Prog goodness, i’m a sucker for this shit
-Harms Way “Isolation”-Hardcore at its finest.
-Trap Them “Darker Handcraft”
-Ulcerate “The Destroyers of All”-Really should be in the top ten but I couldn’t find a place.Atmospheric death metal nothing more to say.
-Dying Fetus “History Repeats Ep”- A death metal band covers death metal.
-The Black Keys “El Camino”-just got into these guys good stuff.
Haven’t had the chance to listen to the new opeth or it would be on here some where.
So What are Your favorites of the year?