Top 10 Questions To Annoy Your Friends

10 - top 10 questions to annoy your friends

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    I want to answer these =) (off the top of my head feel free to correct me)

    1. Since earth has more than one meaning then our planetary name no. For example some may call soil or substrate earth.

    2. Because after a while the power of the shock weakens to a point where it is negligible.

    3. Technically it would not be constant because the speed at which the molecules of the 'smelly substance' reach the receptors in your nose could change with wind speed and if the molecule is heavy or light.

    4. Wearing a mask you could cry and see it visually, but if you were to open your eyes in water the water would make contact with your eye and any tears would not be there.

    5. Depending on if he/she was on his/her own route or not he/she may take it home.

    6. The fridge is used more often and is larger than the freezer and needs the extra light to help you find your food in all that space.

    7. Crop circles as in the 'alien' formations can be any shape I've seen them in triangular and square shapes. Whether they are real or not is something I cannot answer.

    8. They are on your face and is made of hair so yes.

    9. With the vast number of stores on earth I would say that at least one is having a sale at any time. Perhaps when mattresses are obsolete they will not be on sale or exist.

    10. Lemon juice is a powerful natural acid that smells good it may be cheaper to take old or 'bad' lemons and sue them then making a synthetic cleanser. Lemon juice from a bottle can be different depending on the brand the cheaper the product the less likely real lemons will be used because it is cheaper to mix chemicals and get a lemon flavor.

    ha ha, show off
    - bigredkev July 6, 2011, 5:31 am
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