Tom & Jerry: Victims of political correctness

"Puss Gets the Boot" (10 Feb 1940)
Mammy's voice was redubbed fairly early on (before they started using the white maid voice), in the original, Mammy says "O-W-T...Out!" & later in the cartoon “O-U-W-T…Out! In the edited version, she spells it correctly ("O-U-T").
tom and jerry 01

"Fraidy Cat" (17 Jan 1942)
After Jerry climbs the washboard, Mammy looks for a burgler and is attacked by Tom, all these shots get removed
tom and jerry 02

tom and jerry 03

"Dog Trouble" (18 Apr 1942)
Mammy's voice is redubbed, or sometimes Mammy's appearance at the end was removed.
tom and jerry 04

"Puss N' Toots" (30 May 1942)
The scene on the record player has a section removed from the middle.
The part where Jerry gets a tail full of record needles and a record lands on Tom's head making him look Chinese, followed by Jerry mocking Tom is hacked out.
tom and jerry 05

tom and jerry 06

This cartoon has an alternate cut where a whole chunk featuring Mammy was removed from the start along with a filing cabinet gag.
tom and jerry 07

tom and jerry 08

tom and jerry 09

"Yankee Doodle Mouse" (26 June 1943)
Tom as a “blackface flower” after an exploding teapot is often removed.
tom and jerry 10

tom and jerry 11

"Mouse Trouble" (23 Nov 1944)
Tom hides in a package addressed to Jerry. Jerry begins to stick hat pins into the box and saws it in half.
Jerry finally takes a look at what is inside and holds up a sign: "Is there a doctor in the house?" this was sometimes edited out.
tom and jerry 12

"The Mouse Comes to Dinner" (2 May 1945)
The original opening showing Mammy singing and setting the dinner table and Jerry sneaking across the table pretending to be a Red Indian is removed.
The cut cartoon begins as Tom pops out of the potted plant.
tom and jerry 13

tom and jerry 14

tom and jerry 15

"Mouse in Manhattan" (7 July 1945)
The scene in which Jerry's head gets stuck in a bottle of shoe polish is shortened to remove the blackface gag.
tom and jerry 16

tom and jerry 17

"Flirty Birdy" (22 Sept 1945)
The bird tosses Tom out of a tree into a garden path then Tom gets pulled back up the tree and thrown down the hollow trunk into the laundry on the washing line where Tom does an Indian chief impression (there is no laundry basket).
The edited version ends the scene after he hits the path.
tom and jerry 18

tom and jerry 19

tom and jerry 20

tom and jerry 21

An alternate cut to this cartoon is to leave all the visuals intact and remove some words, originally the bird says "Going Down" just before he throws Tom down the inside of the tree trunk, and "She loves me" when they play around the brick chimney but these get muted.
tom and jerry 22

tom and jerry 23

"The Milky Waif" (18 May 1946)
Missing is a scene where Jerry and Nibbles try to fool Tom by disguising themselves as "slave stereotypes" with some shoe polish.
In the cut version you see Nibbles, held up by Jerry, spitting milk into Tom's face, then you see them run away from Tom into another room where Tom gets a frying pan in the face.
tom and jerry 24

tom and jerry 25

"Trap Happy" (29 June 1946)
Jerry is being divided in two by the "Exterminator cat" Jerry slips Toms tail in his place. Tom's tail being chopped with an axe was shortened to remove the axe fall.
(I have never seen this scene cut though)
tom and jerry 26

tom and jerry 27

"Part-Time Pal" (15 Mar 1947)
Mammy's voice is redubbed & some of the words were changed. Originally, she says "Well slap my face if this ain't a mess!", but in the new version, she says
"Well I'll be darned this is such a mess!" Also Tom's "One for the money, two for the show..."
where he is about to throw water over the sleeping mammy is muted leaving only the drunken "HICS", but his lips still move.
tom and jerry 28

tom and jerry 29

"A Mouse in the House" (30 Aug 1947)
Originally the two cats look in the gas oven and Jerry throws a match in to cause an explosion, both cats ended up blackface. This was shortened and the scene ends with the explosion to remove the blackface joke.
tom and jerry 30

tom and jerry 31

"Kitty Foiled" (1 Jun 1948)
Shortly after the "floorboard on the tail" Jerry and the canary hide themselves behind a curtain that looks like a wigwam.
The pair emerge disguised as a Red Indian and papoose, this scene is removed.
tom and jerry 32

tom and jerry 33

"The Truce Hurts" (17 July 1948)
A passing meat truck splashes mud on Tom, Jerry, and Spike leaving them all in blackface and is shortened in the recut to end at the splash.
tom and jerry 34

tom and jerry 35

"Old Rockin' Chair Tom" (18 Sept 1948)
Mammy's voice is redubbed and changed. Originally, she said "Take care of old old Uncle Tom," this was changed to "Take care of old Tom.
tom and jerry 36

"Mouse Cleaning" (11 Dec 1948)
After the coal spill at the end of the cartoon, Tom originally comes out of the pile of coal in blackface.
Mammy asks black Tom, if he has seen a cat. Tom replies "No ma'am, I ain't seen no cat, nowhere, nohow!".
On the new version this was shortened and she just yells and starts throwing coal.
tom and jerry 37

tom and jerry 38

"The Little Orphan" (30 April 1949)
A candle fired by Nibbles lands on Tom's tail was cut (50s) or reanimated (60s).
Originally after the candle set Tom on fire, he appeared in blackface.
In the 50s version the candle lands on Tom's tail but nothing happens.
Also gone was the part directly following the candle scene, in which some airborne Champagne bottles hit the blackened Tom in the back of the head causing him to fly into the cabinet of dishes.
The 60s version was redrawn to have Tom retain his Indian headdress which was absent in the original version.
Original 50s version
tom and jerry 39

tom and jerry 40

60s version redrawn by the Chuck Jones team
tom and jerry 41

"Jerry's Diary" (22 Oct 1949)
The exploding teapot scene taken from "Yankee Doodle Mouse" fades out early to remove a “blackface flower” gag.
"Saturday Evening Puss" (14 Jan 1950)
The new version has redrawn footage of a young white teenager who goes to a party which replaces the original footage of a rather sexy looking Mammy who went out to play cards.
Jerry's rant to Tom about the noisy music that Tom and his friends are making is muted for some reason. In the original, Jerry starts yelling "I'm trying to sleep and youse guys are out here goin' BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!" in a Bronx accent.
Original 50s version
tom and jerry 42

tom and jerry 43

60s version redrawn by Chuck Jones team
tom and jerry 44

tom and jerry 45

"Safety Second" (1 July 1950)
Near the end of the cartoon Jerry blew on a noisemaker containing a hidden firecracker and was left as a blackface flower.
This scene was shortened to end at the explosion.
tom and jerry 46

tom and jerry 47

"The Framed Cat" (21 Oct 1950)
Mammy has been replaced with a white maid on some versions (or just her voice)

"Casanova Cat" (6 Jan 1951)
Tom breaths cigar smoke in Jerry's face causing Jerry to have a blackface then heats a tray under his feet to make him dance.
The new version cuts from Jerry as a wind up mouse to the mouse throwing a note to Butch in a paper airplane.
tom and jerry 48

tom and jerry 49

"His Mouse Friday" (7 July 1951)
The cut version has all the cannibal dialogue edited out.
All the natives and Jerry's native talk were muted, even though you see all the characters' lips moving. In the original Jerry talks nonsense words and the cannibals say
“Hmmmmm barbecued cat ........... Hmmmmm barbecued mouse"
tom and jerry 50

tom and jerry 51

Some versions are zoomed in to remove this small cannibal.
tom and jerry 52

"Nit-witty Kitty" (6 Oct 1951)
At the end of the cartoon Mammy creeps up on Tom with a baseball bat and reads from the book "It says here, a sharp blow on the head is a sure cure for amnesia, and that's what you're gonna get"
These lines are supposedly removed on the original R1 spotlight collection 2, but is back in the later corrected disk.
tom and jerry 53

"The Two Mouseketeers" (15 Mar 1952)
The original ending showed that the king beheaded Tom with a guillotine, but you only ever saw the blade fall, this was removed.
tom and jerry 54

tom and jerry 55

"Little Runaway" (14 June 1952)
The scene where the seal throws Tom against a bird bath results in a Chinese gag and has been shortened to end on the third screenshot.
(there is no trash can, it is a bird bath)
tom and jerry 56

tom and jerry 57

tom and jerry 58

tom and jerry 59

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  • 11

    Wow. +3

    no suitable imagetake some fucking canned bread

    ewwww XD
    thanks :D
    - MissRandom January 10, 2012, 8:20 pm
  • 2

    tom and jerry is being edited for being racist?
    i watched it when i was 4 or 5 - i had never heard of racism
    and if they're editing anything because of the violence, any kid who goes and tries anything they see on it should deserve what ever happens to them, who could possibly be that stupid?
    anyway, nice post there, and sorry for the little rant there :P
    and a +3 ;)

    • qwop
    • January 11, 2012, 12:49 pm
    awww dun worry
    ppl make a big a deal out of nothing
    my dad, me and my sister GREW watching it! we are not racist nor voilent and we did not pull any of those horrible things on anybody before! so yeaa
    and thanks :D
    - MissRandom January 11, 2012, 12:54 pm
    yer i know, normal people turn out fine with this
    health and safety laws have got stupid... :/
    at least there are some sane people left in the world
    i can sleep now
    - qwop January 11, 2012, 12:57 pm
  • 2

    LAUDY LAUDY its a sad day when we all cant laugh at the way people act. STILL act like to this day btw...

    m sorry to inform you
    WHAT? can you explain what you just said .. i didn't get it
    what does .. still ack like to this day btw?!
    - MissRandom January 11, 2012, 3:17 pm
    you know just calling the kettle black...
    - willybSDwe January 13, 2012, 11:02 am
  • 2

    racist tom and jerry? really?
    what kid is ganna see something, e.g. #16 or #5 and think its racist?
    or what kid would do #53? what kid would even know what amnesia is?
    this is some messed up stuff there....

  • 2

    Political correctness is bullshit

    tell me about it
    - MissRandom January 13, 2012, 7:38 pm
  • 1

    what the... ugh.. these are cartoons, and yet some people still think they're offensive.. i hate how some organisations will use the slightest to reason to bitch about something they find offensive..

    i agree!!! i mean its TOM AND JERRY
    if its not abusive, voilent and racist
    then what should be :P
    - MissRandom January 11, 2012, 7:21 am
    damn right! i laughed my ass off at these when i was a kid and still do! it's just awesome! whoooooooooo!!.... sorry :(
    - Micha12354 January 11, 2012, 8:03 am
    sorry for what?
    i love tom & jerry XD i don't care what on it XD
    - MissRandom January 11, 2012, 8:05 am
    sorry for that whoo part lol, anyways, when a bunch of parents think tom and jerry is going to fuck up their children, they complain about it.. same thing about video games. it's not the video games or the cartoons that makes them violent, it's the inability to separate fiction from reality.
    - Micha12354 January 11, 2012, 8:15 am
    true and that is the PARENT's FAULT!! so THEy should deal with it and stop blaming it on TV!!!
    - MissRandom January 11, 2012, 8:31 am
    yes, that's the parent's fault, but they'll never admit that
    - Micha12354 January 11, 2012, 8:48 am
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