Tips for Robot Unicorn player

(after I figured the obvious I went from a sccore of 8000 to 60 000 lol)
-the longer you hold z the longer you jump
-don't forget to double jump
-walls hurt
-after a dash you can jump again
-fairies show you where a platform begins
-try to get all stars for combos (1st star 100 points, 2nd 200 .... 10th 1000 points and so on) if you miss a star your combo starts again lol
-sometimes there a platforms under other platforms so dont give up if you fall down

thats all I figured til now and it helped really ^^

If anyone has some more ideas or better tips just post them please I want to get a better score too lol

  • Vans
  • November 19, 2010, 3:49 am
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