This is going to start some -ish (reverse racism?)

Read the whole article.

Personally I think this is becoming such an issue on race, where it does not need to be about race.

On a personal note I have driven through Sanford, in my beat up Honda civic back in 2010 before all this -ish started. I got dirty looks and threats. When people act this way... there are going to be other people who stereotype the whole area. ( I am Caucasian)

The woman writing the article is so far from unbiased it is not even funny. This is not reporting, or following a story. This is blatant race baiting.

your thoughts?

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    Yep, the authors mom got pregnant at 16. It's all them white folks' fault.

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    I'm from Idaho, so the most racism I've seen or dealt with where I live was by the white supremacist group putting white heritage pamphlets in peoples' doors. I got called a cracker in Huston last year though but other than that I got nothin.

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    Zimmerman isn't even white

    THANK YOU! finally someone sees where this is blatantly targeting whites... saying a WHITE man shot Trayvon... are you friggin kidding me... for a blogger/journalist this lady needs to check her facts before opening her digital mouth.
    - decrotie2004 October 30, 2013, 8:15 am
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