This is an awesome website!!!

This site is amazing I don't know about you but I wanted to buy everything I saw!!!

Wampa Rug
e071 wampa rug

unicorn key caps
cd1b unikeys unicorn key caps

Bobo Fett backpack
e57e boba fett plush rocket backpack

Left 4 dead boomer plush
e5ac boomer plush

Bacon soap
da14 bacon soap

Dr. Who sonic screwdriver 11th doctor

My first bacon plush
e1d0 my first bacon

Unicorn Meat
e5a7 canned unicorn meat

Chebacca slippers
b007 chebacca slippers

Black knight plush (and yes his arms and legs pop off)
black knight

Half-Life 2 head crab plush
a9d5 headcrab plush

And last but certainly not least the companion cube from Portal
a9e0 weighted companion cube plush

*I was not paid or compensated from this company. (though I would have liked to be) This post is for the enjoyment of you fellow Sharenators. I thought this site looked awesome because it contained all we love and more! The pictures I showed was only a sample of what is on this site. Needless to say this is where I will be spending a great deal of money.(once I get some)

  • gemie89
  • December 9, 2010, 2:51 pm
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    good to see some more bacon 'round these parts

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    I already have the black knight, it comes with the monty python box set ^_^

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    bacon soap earned you +3

  • 1

    does the girl come with the rug?

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    dude i go to that website all the time i got a pac man jacket, bacon popcorn, a creeper shirt, drum kit shirt and a whole lot of other cool shit there

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