This is How the Senate Takes SOPA

I emailed our Senator last night and this is what "he" sent back.

"Thank you for your recent electronic mail message to my office in Washington. I am pleased that because of the Internet, more than 100,000 Virginians will send their ideas directly to me this year.

Please be assured that your views are very helpful to me and my staff. As the Senate addresses crucial economic, domestic and foreign policy issues facing our nation, we will be sure to keep your comments and ideas in mind.

I encourage you to visit my website at for regular updates about my activities and positions on matters that are important to Virginia and our nation.

If the subject of your communication is time sensitive, involves a personal issue relating to the federal government (such as help with a passport, claim for veterans’ benefits, or immigration) or requires more detailed attention, please visit my Assistance/Casework page located at or contact my office directly toll free at 1-866-507-1570.

Again, thank you for contacting my office, and I hope you will communicate with me often in the future.


Jim Webb
United States Senator"

Now maybe it's just me but I'm PISSED

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    He does know that this means war, right?

    - Ertrov January 19, 2012, 8:18 pm
    Thats what I thought
    - SaysTheMan January 19, 2012, 8:44 pm
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    The politicians along movie and music executives behind this will remember their massive fuck up each morning as they get on their knees with a mirror to check under their car.

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    In all honesty though, what did you expect?

    I did't expect a whole lot but I expected more than that. I thought at least a staff member read this stuff.
    - SaysTheMan January 19, 2012, 8:43 pm
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