This Really Sucks

The white car is mine and the blue truck is the guy that hit me. note this is my first car and i only have 1000 miles put on it by me…sigh… the accident was the guys fault i had the right of way, he didnt see me and yea… we shall see what the insurance company wants to do. thinbg that really sucks is michigan is a no fault state.

imag0332 - this really sucks
imag0333 - this really sucks
imag0335 - this really sucks
imag0336 - this really sucks
imag0337 - this really sucks

this happened on 9/16/12 so yesterday but i did a lil math with the numbers of the date, the year of the car and my age and this is what i got:
-My Age=16
-Cars Age=16
-Date=Sept. 16th

the theres this:
-My birth year=1996—————v
-Cars manufacture Date=1996——-v what do these numbers add up to
-And the date=Sept. 16th(9-16)—-v
idk i just thought it was kinda weird how those things added up and stuff the 25 has nothing really to do with anything but its still weird