Things bears love

Overweight Hikers
hikers1 - things bears love

hikers2 - things bears love

Fabric Stores
fabric1 - things bears love

fabric2 - things bears love

drunks1 - things bears love

drunks2 - things bears love

wrestlers1 - things bears love

wrestlers2 - things bears love

Girl Scouts
girl scouts

Emergency Exit Rows
exit rows

Roller Coaster Photos
roller coaster

Slip & Slide
slip slide1

slip slide2

slip slide3

Petting Zoos
petting zoos

boomboxes - things bears love

Team Building Excersizes
team building1

team building2

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  • 16

    What about children?

    pedo20bear - things bears love

    • noodle
    • April 6, 2010, 4:56 pm
  • 3

    good lord pedobear i thought i told you no stalking untill tuesday

  • 3

    you gotta love the oatmeal!

  • 2

    wait today is tuesday well played pedobear well played

  • 2

    Yes, i love this.

  • 1

    lmao yes

  • 1

    I knew bears loved slip n' slides. This confirms it.

  • 1

    i love the sneakyness of the zoos.

  • 1

    and who doesnt love emergency exit seats

  • 1

    me cos i never get them

  • 1

    that poor fat guy

  • 1

    Bears gotta love them

    • peace
    • February 28, 2010, 2:45 am
  • 1

    No matter what your doing or where you are always be aware of the growing fact that at any second you can be attacked by a bear. And if you get attacked by pedobear, then your screwed, in more ways than one.

  • 1

    lol teh fat guy one was the best

  • 1

    lol you are the first one with a chance of survival if you get it

  • 1

    lolz boomboxes the lonely island?

  • 1

    hikers bears favorite snack food

  • 1

    #16 own the shirt. freakin awesome

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