The story behind Apple [Infographic]

apple a history

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    pretty awesome actually. I diddnt know steve jobs was adopted. If you apple haters are just gonna go "haha steve jobs was adopted", why, anyone can be adopted. Get over it. Maybe these parents diddnt want a child, but diddnt want abortion either.

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    The most influential Briton living in america?
    Becuase that makes sense lol

    Yeah... he is a Brit.. From London, but he lives in America to do his work with Apple. He is the British sounding guy in most of the Apple videos on the website.
    - SkinnyBill May 16, 2011, 9:15 am
    Yeah i Understand, i would of thought they would call him, the most influential British Person. Or something.
    - miketehpope May 16, 2011, 9:51 pm
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    apple does make some good products, but i have to be honest. they do some greedy shit with their industry. you can tell they hold back on things when making a product. like the ipod and the iphone. every new model introduced something new to make you want it, like a camera, then a front facing camera, then new software etc. also changing the size of the product each time to make you have to buy new accessories and cases for it. definitely seems like they're scamming for money but their products are quality

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