The reason the internet is feared (with Midget rocket dude!)

heads up to every one this is mostly just a test run and not very well thought out rant. so flaws in this shouldn't be taken to seriously. i just wanted to see what you guys think of the new post :) let me know what you all think of Midget rocket dude!

Alright so this is a part of the debate/rants posts (i'll put pics in this time for ya'll!)
(did i just say ya'll...? well, thats ummmm, disturbing.... anyways!)

Remember serious points mostly are in regular text (and Goofy poop jokes tend to be in parentheses! :D yay poop jokes!)
poop jokes aren't funny in theses... (but poop jokes! :'( sad face...)
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i'm gonna regret this aren't i.... (most certainly!)
fuck... (Moving on!)

The internet has been under fire for years now and i'm afraid that the reasoning behind this is pretty simple. it's the last free place outside of our minds where we can talk and spread ideas without interference. it's feared because of the creativity it provides. Be it Dawns many we's (the collective is strong in this one) or Ember's need to burn all that displeases her (never piss off a cat, specially one that likes fire as much as ember) even NotJohnEcash has his own views and way of thinking (he's very proud of them and sticks by what he says, respect for that if nothing else) or even SoDuko and her photography (all of which is bloody brilliant, LAWL english speak :D)

it's one of the places where we can communicate freely with anyone we choose and it brings us as close together as we can be from all corners of the world. and gives us a way to advance society on a global scale through the use of logic, reason, and lulz (IN TEH NAMEZ OF TEH LULZ!!! HUZZAH!) it gives us a chance to exchange ideas not for profit nor for gain, but for the betterment of all. when one puts their ideas out there it's not for just the one persons single use but for all those who can view it or choose to do so. it's freedom in its purest form, the ability to take ones own ideas and mesh them with another persons and creating something even greater than what we had before. taking youtube from a simple video hosting site into a place where people interact with each other on a daily basis, where ideas are spread and one is limited only by their own imagination and drive to pursue new information. thats what we've created over the past few decades.

However like most every asset humans posses people lay claim to it, twisting and manipulating it to profit. suppressing that which they view as harmful and emphasizing that which make them money or gives them more control. (damn republican bastards! *shakes fist*... wait they only care about money and the real world, most of them are afraid of the internet... THE LIBERALS! O.O BASTARDS! those sneak little fuckers are gonna make us commies! *rage face*) would you shut up and let me finish!?
( fine 24poopywings!)
(fuck... :/)
... Ok like i was saying people desire to control and order in every aspect of life (except me of course! the beauty of ADD is that chaos is EVERY WHERE O.O) order makes the internet not only easier to use but also gives people better means of control, which in terms of search engines such as google, yahoo and (bing doesn't count! but i'll throw ask in there to annoy people :P), is amazing. it gives us all a better way to communicate and simply opens more doors for us to spread informations. however the problem comes along with this. as things get more organized people begin to utilize, which again is fine making money off an idea is never a problem and buying/selling on the internet makes it more efficient however it comes at a price. (Ummmm nervous as to where this is going...) damnit i said shut up!

The price is that this attracts larger businesses as well, you see anything that has the potential to bring them a high revenue flow will be explored and the internet is just such a tool. (ummm ok? do you have a point to this?)
... yes i do, just listen will you? i thought you were here to crack jokes!
(I am but this is sooooooo boring, can i have a puppy?)
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Bloody hell where the fuck did you get a puppy!
(internet dude, everything is possible. come on keep up on this...)
you're a dick...
I said do you need a stick?
(dude this is typed out i can see what you wrote...)
*shifty eyes* ummmm moving on!

where the hell was i? (something about a tool? *snickers*) Oh right!... hey! (LMAO)
like i said the internet is basically the godsend of tools for many companies especially those which are utilized on a daily basis. this is due to the broad range of people they can advertise to using only a single site (i think he means facebook and twitter, you know social media stuffs) but thats not the key to it. you see before the internet people relied on word of mouth and advertising to get the message out to people to buy from them. something they still do today but to what feels like a lesser degree. (sounds like your mom)
squiggle 20face - the reason the internet is feared (with midget rocket dude!)

Right. well like i was saying, the reason this is a problem is that with the internet becoming more prominent in our lives companies will become more heavily dependent on the internet to reach customers, which all in all isn't awful (except youtube ads those can fuck off)
however a clash comes here, since the internet isn't exclusive in its content many sites have reposts from others, ideas similar in nature to other sites, and best of all it contains the free will of people to expose lies that come out of it. (Anyone else think fox news is in trouble? hehe obvious punchline FTW!) leading to a clash of information in which one side appeals to your wants, desires and needs and the other side points out truths and lies giving you information which you would not otherwise have which would effect the decisions made about the opposing side. (sounds a bit like muckrakers to me)
The hell you know about muckrakers?
(shut up, i can be good at things to!)
huh, weird thought you were just a gimmick (ASS!) anyways thats exactly what i was getting at, Muckrakers.
you see in todays world money often equals power however this isn't the ultimate source of power. which leads me to why the internet is feared so much by companies and governments. the truest sources of power is first the general public (thank you captain obvious we knew that) and (oh there's an and...) Information.
(and captain obvious makes a second fly by appearance...)
you're a dick.
(and you're 24poopywings!)
(to piss you off :P)
If i don't kill you this will be a miracle
(if you can kill me it would be a miracle muhahaha! i'm just a character for entertainment purposes WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)
ok fine if you're just a character then you're a midget (with a jet pack) who lives in a box (which is really a tardis) and has no (LIMITS ON WHAT I CAN DO, BOOM! MUHAHAHAHA I WIN)
592260 237215396369129 426277353 n - the reason the internet is feared (with midget rocket dude!)

D: fuck!

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I don't even.....
ok back to the points...
basically what i was saying is this. the internet is a collective of information and while money gives you limited power (depending on the amount you have, Midget jetpack guy has lots of troll bills to spend *trollface*) information is the key to total control. if one controls the source of information and the laws on it's use one can then use this information and laws to back them to shut down almost anything they don't like. now to the average person this doesn't seem to matter. (Damn straight! Internet is for LULZ and porn!) but in truth it does. (I call Bullshit!)
Then drink!
(not till you explain!)
you see the reason this matters is that these laws that are being put in place could easily be applied to ordinary citizens, copyright laws extend to video sharing, music, hell even ideas. and with punishments so heavily skewed by these laws one could go to jail simply for sharing a youtube video or picture. now obviously they don't go after most petty stuff such as this but remember it is still possible they can. (so i have like a 1 in a million shot of going to jail then? big deal, i know it's still better odds than you have for getting laid but why should i care)
I swear as soon as i get my hands on you.
(you'll finally have human contact, Dawwww isn't that sweet)
ba dum tss meme

Wow for a fake character you're an asshole.
(you made me)
fine dick! moving on!
ok back to the Muckrakers! ok so this is where things are tricky and is the real problem that we've reached. You see while much of the internet laws won't affect people directly they will affect hackers in a very direct way. you see while hacking can be used to cause damage, steal and disrupt companies or government websites they also serve the very important purpose of exposing people. and here inlies the problem with this. (hackers? really? why the hell is this even relevant?)
The problem is this companies have grown to become global powers and while one could rely on reporters to bring them the truth as they used to it's fairly obvious that most major news outlets simply either don't have the time to cover the stories or that they don't think it important enough to cover (hmmm makes sense, they are a business and need a lot of cash flow to even reach their audience...) put this together with the fact that small news outlets simply don't have the ability to reach people and it becomes just a little bump in the road that a PR campaign can take care of in a week. (ahhh the good old days of the gulf spill, BP really made me feel safe when they came on tv)
which is the biggest problem, when it is so easy to brush off what should be devastating scandals it's becomes pretty obvious that the word isn't reaching people the way it should, but with the use of the internet Muckrakers such as Wiki leaks have to resort to new ways of exposing the truth to the people. and in some cases turn to hacking. this puts people such as Arron Swarts in danger. people who are using peaceful means to expose lies told to us are now able to be sent to jail for minor infringements littered with trumped up charges. (wha? i'm not following)
Picture this you make a post such as this one
Saying something companies don't like
Now they could go after you because of something such as a shared video on youtube, trump the charges and throw you in jail.
(Holy crap on a cracker batman!)

Which is why companies and the government fear the internet. once something is out on this vast web it nearly impossible to erase. it can spread like wildfire. and as distracting and fun as it can be it's not hard to tell that when it comes to being informed it is now the most powerful tool we have available.

Now i want to be clear, this isn't saying that we need to panic. what i'm saying is that we need to change our views on what does and doesn't affect us. everyone wishes to have their ideas protected and they do have a right to them, but when it comes to down to it who do these laws protect? the people or the cooperations? what is feared by those in power isn't our creativity nor is it our free speech. what is feared is our access to information and ideas and the ability we have to communicate them with each other. whats feared is our desire to know and understand the truth, and what is feared is our ability to gather information and stand united in defiance of those in power.

the old saying goes give an inch and they'll take a mile. my advice is not to give that inch. i understand that this very over thought but thats something i feel people don't do enough of these days (pshhh you don't think)
society has taken on the attitude of "it's someone else's problem" (ummmm i thought it was) but without people standing up and declaring it we can't protect ourselves. the internet has given us the unique opportunity to become a global community, where ideas and information are spread with ease. if the time ever comes where an attempt to censor material i hope people will speak out.

Anyways thats all i got, i hope all who read understand i'm not looking at this as the cooperations are the bad guys or that we don't understand it, what i'm saying is that the world changes and we must be careful with what we do and don't allow, these laws may be made with the best intentions, but some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.

(... Hey! you stole that from Jurassic park!)
ummmm * shifty eyes*
(And Jurassic park 3 no less! I mean it's a good quote but really? at least give the people some spider man action! "with great power comes great responsibility young skywalker!)
You just quoted spider man and star wars you idiot
(least i gave them credit ass hat!)
You only credited one!
(thats cause i'm not a fucking nerd like you!)
You quoted it though!
(quoted it wrong*)
... i'm losing an argument with a fictional character that i invented. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!?!?!

(in the next post with midget rocket dude you guys get to pick my name! so get thinking :D)

you're fucking kidding me they get to name you?
Fine then i nominate Asshat Midge the rocket powered verbal shit storm!
(... dude seriously leave the jokes to me)

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    "I may not like what you have to say but ill fight for your right to say it,"has always been a rule I live life by.
    So good post. Posting for freedom, even the freedom you may hate, is always a cause I am behind.
    Many people forget that. My hats off to you. We have fought like cats and dogs as of recent, and I can promise we will again. I have never wanted this site to be a censored site but an oasis to the freedom of speech. In short good post. My friend today, my advisory tomorrow, respected always. You don't insult or complement those you don't care about. That could just be the devil dog in me speaking though.

    Those are true words to live by, though i think we have a very minor difference in our interpretations of free speech which lead to our battle. you know when it comes down to it i with out a doubt respect you for standing for your beliefs, even if i don't agree with you. i'm not fool enough to think we won't ever disagree again we are polar opposites on some issues but never forget that the views of another person doesn't mean we can't work together nor does it mean we must be enemies. it simply means that we each have something we want to represent, and coming together to work out those differences through talking makes us both stronger in the end. My opponent today, but my brother always. This is what makes America truly amazing. It isn't that we all agree nor is it that we have a set direction that we have to take. it's that no matter our backgrounds, our views, our experiences, or our status, we will always come to each others aid when the time is called for. we aren't United by blood, we are united by an idea that will never die, And we will lay down our lives not just to protect this idea but keep it firmly rooted in this world.
    I'm glad that we can move past our conflict and i hope that our encounters continue to be ones of respect. You sir have my utmost respect for being able to leave our disagreement in the past and reply with a clear sincerity to my post. Thank you Johne, Please continue to help those in need and know you have my full support. the world needs people like that. stay safe out there!
    - 24paperwings February 15, 2013, 10:55 am
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