The friend zone?

So there’s this girl I’ve known for years now and I’ve developed feelings for her and I really like her. We’re best friends and we can chat for HOURS (she goes to a different school but I do see her time to time at some occasions). The thing is, she doesn’t like me back which I really don’t get! I mean, we used to chat for hours and talk about everything. I professed my feelings for her three times and all three times she said no. However, she kept telling me that I was her best and closest friend and you all know how much that sucks x.x But in all honesty, I am her best friend. Eventually, when I came to college, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to break off all ties. Eventually I ended up blocking her on chat even though I really do like her. The problem is that she might come to my college next year! AGH why does this friend zone thing exist! I don’t understand why she doesn’t like me x.x I think one of the problems may have been the fact that I dont actually see her that much so it would have been difficult to develop feelings for me but if she does come here, should I start talking to her again. should I unblock her? The risk is that she might just put me in the friend zone again…even though we could hang out everyday. I just don’t get it x.x Any advice?

rwar - the friend zone?