The drunk leash

This is the story of the drunk leash, I am known for wandering off when I’ve had too much to drink this was the 4th time I have wandered off. A year or so ago we were in Butte Montana for St. Patrick’s day, and I had a little too much green alcohol and wondered out of the bar, down the street a few blocks and into another. My group had no idea I had left at this point, and about an hour later a friend of my girlfriend sent her a text message saying that I had left the bar I had wondered alone into.
Now the people I was originally with leave the first bar and go to the second bar that I had just left. They meet up with Rachel’s friend who was a vet tech at the time, she had a leash in her purse that she had tries to put on me to prevent me from wandering away again.
So after a few hours of cat and mouse I end up at a diner type restaurant and am trying to call people in my group because I have realized that they are not with me. At this time a very nice waitress has seen that I am trying to call someone and has come to aid me after noticing that I am drunk. Now the waitress has called my friend Brandon based on the names I was mumbling, he gives Rachel the phone and the waitress gives her the address and name of the restaurant and is keeping me occupied a coloring book.
After about 20 minutes they show up and first thing that happens is the leash is hooked to my belt. Now I have been reunited with my group and we go back to bar going with me on a leash, I try to wonder off 2 more times without getting far, bouncers are very sympathetic of wanderers I found out.
And that is the story of the drunk leash.