The White Rose - Chapter 2


Evelyn woke up with a start. Her alarm clock must have had an intent to make everyone in the building deaf, but failed when it got thrown at a wall. She shuddered and hugged herself, trying not to think about the nightmares. Before she got dressed, Evelyn searched beneath her mattress until she found a couple pieces of cloth, then used them to tie her tail to her leg. After getting ready and saying goodbye to the orpanages too-young-for-school children, she ran to the bus stop. It was an uneventful day. At school, Amy chatted about boys and whatever else she categorized as important and Sally was bitchy to everyone, drooled all over her boyfriend and shot their physics teacher, Mr. Nelson, very dirty looks. At three, she and Amy went to the mall, where she bought a new alarm. At six, Evelyn was at the orpanage eating spaghetti with all the other kids. At ten she had to be in her room. But at midnight, when she was asleep, the dreams started.


Tonight she dreamt of a dark alley, waiting for her next victim. She knew that a man named Murphy Edson would appear at 12:30, looking for an escort for the night. She knew he had no criminal record, no family and only a few acquaintances. When he came, she led him to a nearby motel she knew was empty. She also knew Murphy would pay for the room with cash. When in their room, She requested payment first. She knew he would accept. How she knew all of those things, Evelyn did not know. It was obvious that Edson was nervous, his fingers wound together and unwound, then wound together again. His palms were sweaty. He avoided looking in Evelyn's eyes. He blushed when he asked how this was done. He had no idea how she would answer.

'It starts with me torturing you.' She stated, smiling gleefully. 'It ends with me killing you.'

Before he could run, she punched him just hard enough to knock him out for a while. When Murphy woke up, she had tied his arms behind his back, so as to prevent him from opening the door. When his eyes focused on Evelyn standing in front of him, red demon tail writhing, fingers adorned with long claws, terror filled them.

'Wh-who are you?' He asked.

She tutted at him. 'Man, I thought at least someone would say something other than that. But no, you have to know who I am just before you are tortured? So predictable.'

Before he could respond, she began. he tried to run, but she was faster. She took care not to hurt him, until he was sitting in a corner whimpering. Then she used her claws.

When Evelyn was done, she looked at Edson's watch. It was 05:00 AM. She had to hurry.


At 06:00 AM she woke up with a start, covered in sweat. She ran to the showers, got in and just managed to pull the shower curtainin front of her before she collapsed. She lay there trying not to think about the dream. She took a bar of rough soap and while sobbing, tried to scrub away the bad feeling. What frightened her most was not the killing, or the look of pure terror in the man's eyes, but her endless joy and happiness while torturing. When she had nearly scraped her skin off in several places and almost ripped chunks of hair while shampooing, she got out of the shower.

One thing Evelyn did not know, was that her dreams were, infact, real.

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    Maybe feels a little rushed but I enjoyed it :)

    Thank you :) It's kind of a short story since I'm a really impatient person sometimes. So yeah, really rushed.
    - Icelandgirly June 27, 2012, 9:52 am
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