The Weird Story of SCP-455

SCP-455 is a cargo ship that ran aground on the southern coast of Chile. The ship is so contaminated with deadly hallucinatory materials that no salvage personnel are to to remain in close proximity for more than five minutes. All physical contact with SCP-455 is forbidden, and any salvage personnel breaking this order are to be quarantined.

wrecktophg4 - the weird story of scp-455

“Initial salvage teams reported rooms made of human teeth, an engine with tendon strips for timing belts, a hall extending for 182.88 m (600 ft) beyond where the outer hull should terminate, an open “gym” room with steel walls as pliant as taffy, and numerous audio and visual hallucinations. Team was lost after reporting entry to “central navigation.” Rescue team lost after reporting the investigation of “screaming” in a cargo section.”

Read the EXTREMEweirdness covering the disappearance of exploratory teams sent into the forbidden vessel.

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