The Truth is Revealed

You MUST watch the WHOLE video!

This is a ~30 minute video depicting a fight between Superman VS. Goku. All information about each character is collected from official works from the creators of each character. Translation errors are excluded from official standings and all calculations are unbiased and worked out with all the given information.

No fanboy shit allowed here. If you don't like the results, go cry about it on the comments section of the video on youtube, not here.

  • Disco
  • January 28, 2013, 2:05 pm
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    I feel educated in the most unnecessary way

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    you see this argument is a moot point because each character is strong enough to defeat whatever opponent they are facing they pull some bullshit reason for the win out of their asses at the last minuet some secret technique or hidden power no one knew about so it would be an endlessly escalating battle until the entire universe is destroyed so.......... idk lets get drunk

    They explained each technique that was used in the fight during the first fifteen minutes of the video.
    - Disco January 29, 2013, 7:14 am
    again you are applying scientific logic to something that defies logic or runs on its own
    - Tremp20k January 29, 2013, 12:27 pm
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    only thing i can say is that Goku isn't given credit for his fighting smarts here. there's a reason the battles are so notorious for being insanely long. it's because they constantly talk and gather information, goku would be asking superman questions and making small talk. truth be told in terms of his abilities it's probably the most under appreciated aspect of his fighting style. the instant he were to learn of supermans weaknesses he would take them (except Kryiptonite he would obviously view this as cheating when if he knew about the magic. however given he didn't find out about the magic i'm betting he would use it to his advantage to a small degree just to level the playing field in the same way he uses sensu beans)
    Can't argue much with the numbers though, superman would win if we broke it down this way. though if it's shown in these terms it seems that neither does actually have limits to their powers, Gokus just aren't fully realized and has to train to get them. Superman doesn't seem to have any limits at all (that we know of) but given a limitless amount of time Goku could potentially go beyond superman.
    That being said i'd be interested in the outcome of the future Goku and superman. Given that they said superman is basically God i'm interested to know how the addition of the dragon balls would effect the out come. they clearly aren't using ki so maybe this would allow him to use magic to a very high degree. given his super sayin form as well it's likely he could go well beyond whatever limits he originally had. though i do admit fully shenron and the other dragons can be beaten, even killed. just wondering if what powers they have would effect the outcome in this battle. (though like they said it would require a lot of assumptions on both sides so until they continue we'll never know.)
    Also just one last thing. Goku does to some degree realize his own limits it's why you often see him resort to crazy moves such as fusion. he's not a lone fighter just the best of the bunch. i know superman has the justice league as well but when it comes to the individual series superman tends to fight alone if i'm correct, (not saying this would help, seriously wtf would krillen be able to do here lol) i don't know but the fusion of goku and vegeta mixed in here would have been pretty cool lol.
    in anycase it's clear superman wins. because for all we know even if you did land a blow that went passed his limits maybe it's only enough to give him a bruise lol. point this. damn superman, you scary!
    (and btw totally not fair! stupid superman got lucky with the sun :P lol)

    No fanboy shit allowed here. If you don't like the results, go cry about it on the comments section of the video on youtube, not here.
    - johnecash January 30, 2013, 4:59 pm
    When I say no fanboy shit, I mean no whining about the results because, "OMG LOL GOKU HURR HURR! SSJ4!!" Also no, "SUPES OBVIOUSLY THE WINNER CAUSE HE DA SHIT!"

    He does make a good point that Goku would try to talk to Superman rather than simply start trying to beat the shit out of him. Goku is not entirely stupid, he's just not very well educated.

    If these two ever did meet, neither one would fight the other anyways, because they both have no reason to do so. Goku only fights if he has a reason and the reason they gave here would definitely not be justifiable in Goku's mind. Superman is no threat to Goku, so he wouldn't fight him in the first place. Only time he's fighting for the sake of fighting is if he's sparring or training someone as was with the case of Gohan and Uub.
    - Disco January 30, 2013, 8:03 pm
    exactly! though they def were pretty accurate on the kryptonite scene lol that was exactly what he would have done lmfao!
    oh and i'm pretty sure they skipped some stuff, it wasn't a huge thing but i think Goku actually does have some education. when he trains with the masters of dragon ball i remember hearing them say a couple times that he needs to train his mind as well as his body. so he does have some form of education (home schooling). plus i don't actually think he's dumb, i think modern life just confuses him, he doesn't see a need for technology unless it either makes food or trains him. and he's very narrow minded in the sense of his lifes purpose which is to fight. but when it comes to other things outside of training i don't believe it's stupidity that is being displayed but ignorance as to how stuff works outside the world of training. it'd be like taking an amish man into the city for a year. he may not understand everything completely but would get the hang of it after a while. plus when it comes to deduction of a person there's only a few super heros that are able to learn as much about someone as he does mid battle (superman i think is def one of them, along with batman and a couple others).
    by the end of one fight he tends to know the following
    -where they're from
    -special abilities
    -counter attacks
    -effective moves
    -non effective moves
    -level of training needed to beat him
    -when to run if he is clearly out matched
    -if friends will be needed
    -reasons for fighting
    -objective/goals of opponents
    -likely moves (though often catches them at last second)
    - and before battle even begins he often can tell if they are hiding power and more often than not the degree of power they are hiding
    Best case senario for Goku would be that before he even arrived he would already know superman is holding back a good deal of power, sense he couldn't beat him and fly off to train till he thought he could match him. realize he probably couldn't in this life time, send his friends to get the dragon balls as a just in case and make his goal in life to beat him then be ready in 2 years.
    second best gets there and starts the fight, by SSJ2-3 (though i would guess he would know at SSJ1 maybe before) he knows he can't win and either
    -backs off with instant transmission to train
    -simply stops fighting and tries to gain information on how superman got so strong/ ask him to be sparring partner (I swear that the instant he knew superman was a good guy this would be his immediate reaction. i can practically see him begging superman to train him and spar. it would be like his ultimate dream come true. a partner he can go all out on and never have to worry about killing or even harming him.)
    - or realizes there is no way to beat him without the little stone he blew up, back off to find it to protect people while he figures out supermans other weaknesses and trains to use this as he is smart enough to know that brute force isn't always the best way to win a battle.

    like i said no way could he beat superman in this without training. since it's based off the two in their prime superman obviously wins. but i can't see goku wasting time just to prove he's stronger, i see him going to superman as a friend and basically begging him to train. Goku cares about being the best, not to be selfish but just to see how powerful he could become. when it comes down to it thats all he cares about, becoming as strong as he possibly can and pushing himself to the extreme. superman would become his goal to reach. he would love having a mentor of this strength and power and i don't see him passing it up lol.
    - 24paperwings January 31, 2013, 10:55 am
    Vegeta would be the guy who would train for the sole purpose of beating Superman. He also wants to be the strongest, but his motives are very different. He trains to be the best and to be stronger than everyone in the universe no matter what cost.

    Goku, on the other hand, as described by Vegeta, fights only to test his limits and then to push beyond them. The only formal education Goku ever receives in the series is from Master Roshi when he's just beginning his training. As far as "training his mind", I believe that's just a form of meditation. After he beats Cell and spends seven years in other world, we see him training for the martial arts tournament on Earth and King Kai specifically says that Goku is training his mind on top of a mountain and then we see Goku sitting in a mediation pose with his serious face on.
    - Disco January 31, 2013, 12:53 pm
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    loved this one :D , awesome guys

    • suckots
    • January 28, 2013, 3:59 pm
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    Good find. I watched the other videos as well. I called superman years ago for the record.

    I can see why Superman would win, though. Superman has an unlimited source of energy, the sun.
    - XxDaminalsxX February 1, 2013, 6:41 pm
    I'm sure the Sun isn't perpetual. It just seems limitless because we have no way of actually using all of it's resources and if Superman were to do so, he'd probably be capable of creating black holes and destroying universes and other shit.
    - Disco February 1, 2013, 8:02 pm
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