The Starting of Minecraft Seed Coverage

Hello Minecrafting Sharenators! today marks the day that i will cover minecraft seeds. I will of course take seed requests and will only show the scenes i see as remarkable(i will also only go so far in the world).

Seed: therewillbesnow/ 819805233
description: I spawned in a vast forest of all types of trees and found 4 wolves immediately. after going quite a distance I came upon a few mountains with interesting shapes. I eventually found above ground lava.


x387 z582 - the starting of minecraft seed coverage

location: x:387 z:582

x469 y101v 3load - the starting of minecraft seed coverage

Information: took this picture as the map was loading. At x:469

location: x:551 z:532

That is all the Pictures I have for this seed. If you have any suggestions, comment and the highest voted will be the first to use.

Ps. i was not able to confirm this. after typing in the seed the 2nd time i could not find these landmarks