The Real Problem?

So they started off pissed that Walmart isn't charitable. I gave them proof they were. They mentioned Walmart gets nearly all of that back in tax credits. I asked for proof, they wanted to show me their receipt for milk(WTF?) I think the real problem is that Walmart doesn't give them free groceries and other hand-outs. Seriously though, just take a look. #SMH

diduknowwalmart - the real problem?

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    Hey CallMeGoogle!
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    I actually never knew they did that. I have renewed respect for them and realize I need to read the news more often. +3 for making me learn something today.

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    a bit blurry on the post but still what the hell this is why economics should be manditory in schools.

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    Did the guy buy is milk at a gas station or something? I've never seen milk at Wal-Mart for 4 dollars

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