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Well the other day I noticed a post 'Famous UFO Sightings', but when i opened it, it was just pictures with a little information about the sightings. This post got me interested so did some research into them and that's how this post came about, i'm going to be giving you the information about the sightings. Whether you a believe in aliens or not I think you'll find this post interesting.


UFO Sighting Number 1.


The Battle For Los Angeles UFO

This sighting is also know as 'The Battle For Los Angeles' the reason for this name is due to the fact that in 1942 in Los Angeles. Just three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,(this incident occurred between February 24th and 25th),
When an unidentified flying object was spotted flying over Los Angeles. It was assumed to be another air strike from Japan, and so the 'UFO' instantly sparked a massive anti-aircraft military attack.
But speaking at a press conference shortly afterward, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox called the incident a "false alarm." Newspapers of the time published a number of reports and speculations of a cover-up. Some modern-day UFOlogists have suggested the targets were extraterrestrial spacecraft. When documenting the incident in 1983, the U.S. Office of Air Force History attributed the event to a case of "war nerves" likely triggered by a lost weather balloon and exacerbated by stray flares and shell bursts from adjoining batteries. The the true identity of the object is still unknown today.


UFO Sighting Number 2.


The Lubbock Lights UFO

The next sighting has been given the name of 'The Lubbock Lights' the reason for this is due to an unusual formation of lights flew over Lubbock, Texas in 1951. It first thought to be spotted by three professors from Texas Technical College and was later photographed by a student, the 'UFO' featured 20 and 30 lights that flew overhead in a "V" formation. The sighting was so popular and highly publicized that the photos and story appeared in Life Magazine in 1952. In late September 1951, Lieutenant Ruppelt read about the Lubbock Lights and decided to investigate them. Project Blue Book was founded in 1948 as Project Sign, it was the Air Force's official research group assigned to investigate UFO sightings. Ruppelt traveled to Lubbock and interviewed the professors, Carl Hart, and others who claimed to have witnessed the lights. Ruppelt's conclusion at the time was that the professors had seen a type of bird called a plover.

Plovers UFO

At the time the city of Lubbock had installed new vapor street lights in 1951, and Ruppelt believed that the plovers, flying over Lubbock in their annual migration, were reflecting the new street lights at night. Witnesses who supported this assertion were T.E. Snider, a local farmer who on August 31, 1951 had observed some birds flying over a drive-in movie theater; the bird's undersides were reflected in the light (Clark, 345). Another witness, Joe Bryant, had been sitting outside his home with his wife on August 25 - the same night on which the three professors had first seen the lights. According to Bryant, he and his wife had seen a group of lights fly overhead, and then two other flights. Like the professors, they were at first baffled by the objects, but when the third group of lights passed overhead they began to circle the Bryant's home. Mr. Bryant and his wife then noticed that the lights were actually plovers, and could hear them as well


UFO Sighting Number 3.


The Washington D C Incident UFO

'The Washington D.C. Incident' First spotted on an air traffic controller's radar, seven objects moved in unusual flight patterns that witnesses called bright orange lights. The most publicized sightings occurred in consecutive weekends with the objects moving over the White House. The incident was so publicized it prompted President Truman to demand an explanation. Edward Nugent was the air-traffic controller at Washington National Airport, he spotted seven objects on his radar, these objects were located 15 miles south-southwest of the city; no known aircraft were in the area and the objects were not following any established flight paths. Nugent's superior (Harry Barnes) a senior air-traffic controller at the airport, watched the objects on Nugent's radarscope. He later wrote:
"We knew immediately that a very strange situation existed... Their movements were completely radical compared to those of ordinary aircraft"
As well a story was reported that "jet pilots have been placed on a 24-hour nationwide 'alert against the flying saucers' with orders to 'shoot them down' if they ignore orders to land." at the time of the sighting.


UFO Sighting Number 4.


Ghost Rockets UFO

Sweden, 1946: Over 2,000 "Ghost Rockets" were sighted over from August 9th to August 11th by hundreds of witnesses. The rockets were first assumed to be meteors, but the talk of UFO's arose because many sightings occurred during broad daylight while the rockets were described as moving slowly and horizontally, and, sometimes, were followed by strange noises.
Although the official opinion of the Swedish and U.S. military remains unclear, a Top Secret USAFE (United States Air Force Europe) document from 4 November 1948

Top Secret USAFE Document UFO

It indicates that at least some investigators believed the ghost rockets and later "flying saucers" had extraterrestrial origins. Declassified only in 1997, the document states:

"For some time we have been concerned by the recurring reports on flying saucers. They periodically continue to pop up; during the last week, one was observed hovering over Neubiberg Air Base for about thirty minutes. They have been reported by so many sources and from such a variety of places that we are convinced that they cannot be disregarded and must be explained on some basis which is perhaps slightly beyond the scope of our present intelligence thinking"

"When officers of this Directorate recently visited the Swedish Air Intelligence Service, this question was put to the Swedes. Their answer was that some reliable and fully technically qualified people have reached the conclusion that 'these phenomena are obviously the result of a high technical skill which cannot be credited to any presently known culture on earth'. They are therefore assuming that these objects originate from some previously unknown or unidentified technology, possibly outside the earth".

The document also mentioned a flying saucer crash search in a Swedish lake conducted by a Swedish naval salvage team, with the discovery of a previously unknown crater on the lake floor believed caused by the object (possibly referencing the Lake Kölmjärv search for a ghost rocket discussed above, though the date is unclear). The document ends with the statement that "we are inclined not to discredit entirely this somewhat spectacular theory,in the meantime keeping an open mind on the subject"


UFO Sighting Number 5.


The Belgian UFO Wave

(The Belgian UFO Wave) This series of sightings lasted from November 1989 to April 1990, with 143 witnessed accounts on the first night. The unknown objects were tracked on radar by the Belgian Air Force and described as black triangles with bright lights that would change color. The Belgian Air Force still offers no explanation for the objects. In 1992, about three years after the first sighting, which occurred on November 29, 1989, in Eupen, Belgian skeptic Marc Hallet wrote an essay about the Belgian UFO wave criticizing the work done by the SOBEPS: 'La Vague OVNI Belge ou le triomphe de la désinformation' arguing that this UFOlogical organisation was spreading misinformation in the media. Marc Hallet's thesis is that the Belgian UFO wave was mostly a mass delusion, boosted by the work done by the SOBEPS. However, this fails to take into account that when the first sighting occurred, in 1989, SOBEPS had already shut down due to years of inactivity of UFO reports in France and Belgium, In 1993.


UFO Sighting Number 6.


Roswell UFO Crash site

Last of all is going to be the sighting in Roswell, New Mexico. The most famous UFO incident and suspected Government cover-up occurred in 1947. Recovered debris from an alien aircraft or experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon as is claimed was found in the desert of New Mexico,This sighting began one of the biggest controversies and mysteries in U.S. history. Out of all the sightings that I've talked about i'm most expecting that this sighting is the one you've heard about the most. On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) public information officer Walter Haut in Roswell, New Mexico, issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed "flying disk" from a ranch near Roswell, sparking intense media interest. The following day, the press reported that Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force (Roger M. Ramey) stated that, in fact, a radar-tracking balloon had been recovered by the RAAF personnel, not a "flying disc." A subsequent press conference was called, featuring debris said to be from the crashed object, which seemed to confirm the weather balloon description.
The incident was quickly forgotten and almost completely ignored, even by UFO researchers, for more than 30 years. Then, in 1978, physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was involved with the original recovery of the debris in 1947. Marcel expressed his belief that the military had covered up the recovery of an alien spacecraft. His story spread through UFO circles, being featured in some UFO documentaries at the time. In February 1980, The National Enquirer ran its own interview with Marcel, garnering national and worldwide attention for the Roswell incident.

Roswell UFO Crash


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