Thank you, Sharenator!

I know a lot of you probably will be like "tl;dr", but please... it's good!

So, I’m a girl spending a lot of time on 9gag, Reddit, Sharenator, /b/, and so on. I don’t tell my friends, ’cause every time someone sees me going through a rage comic, they’re like ”what’s so funny about that?”. I thought about it and couldn’t seem to find the exact reason why I find myself – every day – clicking my way through the many rage comics. I don’t laugh at them. I’m not sharing them. I don’t even create rage comics/pic dumps/whatever myself.
I kept thinking, and I still couldn’t figure out why – but then it hit me…

I love rage comics because they’re about everyone. I love how you can relate to them – even in the most stupid situation. The other day, I was at the bus and someone sat next to me. A minute later, they decided to move to another seat (also next to a stranger). I thought ”damn, do I smell that bad?”, but then I realized this happens to everyone.

Whether it’s literally climbing the stairs when you’re home alone, or spending three hours texting a guy where it ends with a “hi ☺”, working at a grocery store and pretend to look for something in the back… I love it! Whenever I feel bad about myself, you guys help me feel good.

Cheers for all the bad things in life – they happen to everyone! Thank you :DDDDD

  • iiddaa
  • February 10, 2012, 10:29 am
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    Any girl who visits /b/ is cool in my books.

    P.S. Your avatar creeps me out

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    • Disco
    • February 21, 2012, 12:00 pm
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