Tell Me Your Secrets

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Its all in the title, just list a secret or two that you haven't told anyone before ^_^

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  • knox
  • April 9, 2012, 9:05 pm
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    I'm not 100% machine

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    my neighbor's cat didn't run away like I told them, and the red stain on the driveway wasn't from paint.

    - Inedibleedible April 10, 2012, 4:21 am
    i just told my neighbors straight up, "yeah, i kinda shot your dog."

    justification: it was killing my chickens and leaving the bodies(or most of them anyways)
    - MIKYTEY April 10, 2012, 10:15 am
    It was dark out so was the cat and it was laying under the car and didn't move when I started the car.
    - triclebickle April 10, 2012, 3:34 pm
    - TexBex April 11, 2012, 5:32 pm
    well i just clipped its left eye so i kinda hit it... but the size of the bullet doesn't matter... right?
    - MIKYTEY April 11, 2012, 7:22 pm
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    My screen name isn't my real name. Just thought I'd let that out

    • dogggy
    • April 11, 2012, 1:09 am
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    My secret is that askimet feels like this is spam... But I dismissed that shit ;)

    looks like i have a secret admirer ;) jk, thanks for dismissing ^_^
    - knox April 9, 2012, 9:27 pm
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    i got expelled from school for selling weed.

    ME TOO!:D
    - Inedibleedible April 10, 2012, 12:08 pm
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    When I was a kid I flushed my goldfish down the toiled when he was still alive because I got tired of taking care of it. :(

    • TexBex
    • April 11, 2012, 5:33 pm
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    I'm Bisexual
    I like cross dressing

    you could have taken that to the grave
    - fuckyou1 April 9, 2012, 10:31 pm
    You just put a smile on my face, I'm cracking up so much right now
    - GothicRoze April 9, 2012, 10:35 pm
    you could accept people as they are and not expect them to hide things which dont do any harm
    - Bekenel April 10, 2012, 4:28 am
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    I didn't lose Oscar's iPod, I pawned it...

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    i miss all my kitties and sometimes I wish I could see them, because I always felt like less of a being than they were in a way, but I learned a lot.
    I could eat one is what I'm saying, but only for survival.
    Also, I'm like totally
    Toasty mk3

    right now.

    heart8 - tell me your secrets

    Happy Lolcat

    me - tell me your secrets

    I rebranded the next but not the second next meme

    zs - tell me your secrets

    lolcat - tell me your secrets

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    <.< ^.^ >.> people on here are watching me and i know it O.O

    Yes we are O.0
    - Kodi93 April 10, 2012, 9:58 am
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    i'm making a bisexual girl i know break up with her girlfriend so i have a chance with her...

    ZING! nice dude
    - poopiteepoop April 10, 2012, 11:35 am
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    wooo! now i go to catholic school.

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    I took a golf club to a hanging light fixture and blamed it on the movers (we were moving at the time)

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    I'm a Pyromaniac....

    Also, Non-Dairy creamer is highly flamable.

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